Minecraft Bedrock Preview Patch Notes

Hey Minecraft fans! Are you ready to get a glimpse of the future with the Minecraft Bedrock Preview? This preview is packed with amazing new features that are part of the much-anticipated 1.21 release. Let’s delve into what this update has in store for us and understand why it’s creating such a buzz in the Minecraft community!

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Feature/Update CategoryDetails of Minecraft Bedrock Preview
Trial Chamber StructureFound in the Overworld’s deep slate layers (Y = -20 to -40). Made mainly of tuff and copper blocks with unpredictable layouts and various loot.
Trial SpawnersNew blocks that spawn melee and ranged hostile mobs based on player numbers and surrounding blocks.
The Breeze MobA new mob capable of long jumps and using an AOE wind burst attack. It can also activate redstone-compatible blocks.
Trial KeysRewards for conquering mobs from trial spawners, currently without a specific purpose.
Texture UpdatesUpdated textures for the crafter block and tuff blocks.
Gameplay Improvements & Bug Fixes– Smoother interaction of boats with blocks.- Improved reliability of containers linked to fast redstone clocks.- Fixes for unexpected falls during building and moving.- No tripping in Spectator Mode.- Enhanced error messages for failed world exports.- Reduced lag on consoles post-loading.

What’s New in the Minecraft Bedrock Preview?

1. Exploring the Trial Chamber Structure

The latest Bedrock preview brings the trial chamber structure to life. Hidden in the deep slate layers of the Overworld, these chambers range from Y = -20 to Y = -40. They’re a treasure trove of tuff and copper blocks and filled with unpredictable layouts and loot. It’s a whole new world of exploration for Minecraft adventurers!

2. Trial Spawners: A New Challenge Awaits

The game introduces the trial spawners, a new element that adds an exciting twist to your gaming experience. These blocks can spawn both melee and ranged hostile mobs based on the number of players nearby and the surrounding blocks. It’s an innovative way to bring more action to your Minecraft adventures!

3. Meet the Breeze: A Formidable New Mob

The Breeze is a new mob that’s as cool as its name. It can jump long distances and uses an AOE wind burst attack. This attack doesn’t harm directly unless it hits a target, but watch out for the knockback! Plus, the Breeze can activate redstone-compatible blocks like buttons, levers, and trapdoors with its wind burst. How cool is that?

4. What’s the Deal with Trial Keys?

The preview introduces trial keys as rewards for conquering mobs from trial spawner blocks. Currently, they don’t have a specific purpose, but who knows what secrets they might unlock in the future?

5. Fresh Looks: Texture Updates

The crafter block and tuff blocks have received a fresh new look with updated textures. It’s always refreshing to see familiar blocks getting a visual overhaul!

6. Gameplay Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Boats now interact more smoothly with blocks.
  • Containers linked to fast redstone clocks are more reliable.
  • Fixes have been made to prevent unexpected falls while building and moving.
  • In Spectator Mode, you won’t trip over blocks anymore.
  • Enhanced error messages for failed world exports.
  • Reduced lag between the ‘100% Loaded’ message and the main menu on consoles.

Keep in Mind: It’s Still Experimental!

Remember, since this preview is still in the experimental phase, you might encounter some hiccups while playing. And since it’s a beta, features might change anytime. But that’s part of the excitement, right? Being able to experience and contribute to the development of the game!

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FAQs: Unraveling the Mysteries of Minecraft Bedrock Preview

  1. What is the Minecraft Bedrock Preview?

    It’s the latest preview for Minecraft Bedrock, showcasing new features and updates planned for the upcoming 1.21 release.

  2. What are trial chambers in this preview?

    Trial chambers are new structures found in the Overworld’s deep slate layers, made mainly of tuff and copper blocks, with unique layouts and loot.

  3. How do trial spawners work?

    These new blocks spawn hostile mobs based on player proximity and the surrounding environment.

  4. What’s unique about the Breeze mob?

    The Breeze can leap long distances and uses an AOE wind burst attack, which can activate redstone-compatible blocks.

  5. Are there any significant bug fixes in this preview?

    Yes, the update includes several bug fixes, such as smoother boat interactions with blocks, improved redstone functionality, and enhanced error messages.

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