Minecraft 4k Graphics, Features And Gameplay.

Minecraft 4k is a later version of the Minecraft which is a video game series.
Minecraft 4k is the upgraded version of unchanged Minecraft which was released initially in 22nd December 2009.
The Minecraft 4k allows you to perform and experience some new cool features which were not available on the previous release.
The new version included some changed controls, more blocks, power and ability to place and damage blocks and particularly, an added wide-screen.
It was written and developed in Java 4k for Xbox one and Microsoft which comes with a free license.
The genre for this game can be tagged as Survival.


Minecraft 4k features a Super Duper Graphics pack that allows the player to experience cool and interesting features which brings you beautiful new visuals to the game’s previously famed blocky art style.
The Super Duper graphics pack includes lighting effects, all-new shaders, new textures and visuals, graphics, art, styles, and colors.

The developer, Microsoft, prior to releasing the new version made it known that the Super Duper graphics pack is optional.
However, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a super duper packed graphics display on his Xbox? I bet we all love cool graphics displays when it comes to the gaming aspect.
Furthermore, the 4k is updated to be a version with full support for the game which will be available on Xbox One X and Windows 10 PC.
However, the release of the game was delayed due to the developer’s idea of making the game supportive to more than just two devices.
The developer is working towards ensuring the Super duper pack will also work on Mobile devices, Play Stations, Nintendo Switch, VR, etc.
However, the Minecraft Iconic look is due to change because of the expansion of the Super Duper graphics pack to add a little modern attribute.


Minecraft is a block placing game where the players can place and damage blocks.
However, the only block a player can place is the grass since the leaves do not decay.
A 64 × 64 × 64 block World is launched each time the game is loaded.
The blocks included in the game are Air, Grass, Dirt, Stone, Bricks, Wood and Leaves.
They are littered all over the world and mobs do not exist.
The World is surrounded by an invisible wall which prevents the game player(s) escaping.


1. Better water textures which come up with reflective surfaces.
2. Volumetric lighting to give dramatic look to the whole game.
3. Objective edge highlighting with dynamic shadows.
4. Digital and physical Graphics display.
5. Objects with 3D models to replace the flat textures.
6. Reflective textures for blocks to add highlights to diamond blocks etc.

Also, Some Achievements to chase in the game includes the list below:
1. Librarian – Improve your enchantment table by building some bookshelves.
2. Monster Hunter – Attack, defeat and destroy a monster.
3. Camouflage – Killing a mob while putting on the same attire of their head.
4. Return to Sender – Use a fireball to destroy a Ghast.
5. Cook Fish – Catch and cook a fish.
6. Enchanter – Construct an enchantment table.
7. Getting an upgrade – Build up a better Pickup axe.
8. Getting Wood – punch a tree until a block of woods comes out.
9. Iron belly – Stop Starvation using rotten flesh.
10. It’s a sign – craft and places a sign.
11. Diamonds – Use your Iron tools to acquire diamonds!
12. The leader of the pack – Befriend five wolves.
13. Baking Bread – Turning wheat to Bread.
14. Bench Making – craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.
15. Overkill – With a single hit, deal nine hearts damages.
16. On A Rail – Travel by minecart to a point a least 500m in a single direction from where you started.
17. Passing the Time – Play for 100 days.
18. Pork-Chop – Cook and eat a pork chop.
19. Pot Planter – Craft and place a Flower Pot.
20. Rainbow Collection – Gather all 16 colors of wool.
21. Repopulation – Breed two cows with wheat.
22. Cow Tipper – Harvest some cows and turn them into leather.
23. Sniper Duel – Kill a Skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters.
24. Staying Frosty – Swim in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect.
25. Taste of Your Own Medicine – Use a Splash potion to poison a witch.
26. Taking Inventory – Open your inventory.
27. Time to Farm – Make a Hoe.
28. Time to Mine – Make a pickup axe by using planks and sticks.
29. Time to Strike – Make a sword by using planks and sticks.
30. Saddle Up – Tame a horse.
31. Free Diver – Survive underwater for 2 minutes.
32. The Deep End – Defeat an Elder Guardian.
The Features, graphics, gameplay et al are still a work in progress though, which will probably become a finish good by the end of this year or early next year.
Although some features tend to change, it might be modified based on some reasons or personal interest on the developer.
More so, the developers would love to satisfy every player and users though, regardless of the devices that they possess.
The Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack will get active players anticipating and looking forward to a while to playing the game.
Obviously, We all are going to breathe new life as soon as it is released.
The price for download has not been concluded yet and we wouldn’t like to guess the amount.
But somehow and definitely some time, this game will surely be available for download and installation for free in the future just like some other popular games we have seen and played before.

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