Maximise Earnings in Car For Sale Simulator 2023

Maximise Earnings in Car For Sale Simulator 2023

Alright, so you’re diving into the world of Car For Sale Simulator 2023, right between version 0.1.42 and 0.1.44. It’s the early access phase, and things are a bit wobbly as the mechanics are being fine-tuned.

Now, let’s assume you’ve got your hands on the Better Bargain 2 and Best Price skills. These bad boys are crucial to know the real worth of your metal beast and price it right, no more wild guessing!

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SectionKey Points
Getting Started– Acquire Better Bargain 2 and Best Price skills for accurate car valuation
What’s Driving Value?– Buy high-mileage, damaged cars for higher profit margins
Setting the Right Price– Utilize different pricing strategies based on desired outcomes: value, efficiency, or leaderboard ranking
Bargaining Skills– Acquire bargaining skills to ask for higher prices
Detailed Pricing Guide– Use Best Price skill to gauge car value and set prices accordingly

What’s Driving the Value?

Let’s crack down on what tweaks the value of your cars. Almost all value modifiers apply when buying the car, not selling. Each car has a base value. When buying, the car’s condition like damage, dirt, mileage, and features play into the asking price, capping at the base value.

Once the car’s yours, its value sticks to the base value. The trick? Buy those rusty, high-mileage cars, fix them up a bit (if you want), and sell for a neat profit, while the shiny low-mile cars offer just a small profit margin.

Quick heads up, cleaning, refueling, or posting fancy pictures won’t add a dime to your car’s value. A little repair, repaint, or tuning might add some value, but if you’re in a rush to make profits or climb the leaderboard, sell them as they are.

Let’s get real with an example. Say you got a Fiyay 131 with 71.5k km mileage:

  • 10% damage, 35% painted: It sells between 195.5-363.2k.
  • No damage (after a $150 repair), no paint (after a $175 respray): Sells between 195.9-364k.
  • Add some tuning like Racing, ABS, Turbo, NOS for $1240: Sells between 196.9-365.7k.

So, all the jazz of fixing and tuning only bumps up the max sale price by 2.5k costing 1.5k, netting just an extra 1k profit. Could’ve bought 2-3 more clunkers in that time, huh?

And if you’re feeling devilish, crash that fixed/tuned car into the lot walls till the engine busts. At 70% damage, it sells between 196.2k – 364.3k — losing only 700-1400 for trashing a perfect car. Ouch!

Now, let’s jump into the real deal, selling those clunkers for a nice price!

Setting the Right Price

The Quick Scoop

If a customer takes your price without a haggle, they’d have paid more. And if a lowballer is slashing your price in half, you’ve shot way above the mark.

Snag the Bargain 2 and Best Price skills:

  • Value Strategy: Set all cars at the lowest orange price, bargain each customer to $1 below the asking price. Expect 5-6 good customers daily, with 62.2% taking the deal.
  • Efficiency Strategy: Price cars at the highest average, do the $1 less bargain. You’ll see 6-7 good customers daily, all will take the deal. Only lowballers will walk away.
  • Leaderboard Climbing Strategy: If you’re rolling in cash and aim for leaderboard ranks, set all cars at 10% below the lowest price. No haggles, even lowballers will take it.

Dive Deeper

The Best Price skill gives a gauge when listing a car. It looks vague, but once you crack it, you’ll nail the exact car value. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 70%-85% Lower Price
  • 85%-93% Below Average
  • 93%-107% Average
  • 107%-115% Above Average
  • 115%-130% High Price

You’ll meet two customer types: the good ones and the lowballers.

  • Good customers offer between 93%-107% of the car’s value.
  • Lowballers range from 65.1-88.35% (70-95% of 93%).

Expect 3-5 lowballers daily. The good customer count depends on your price:

  • <110%: 6-7
  • <120%: 5-6
  • <130%: 2-3
  • <140%: 1
  • =140%: 0

Bargaining skills let you ask for more:

  • Amateur (1): 7% more
  • Apprentice (2): 12% more
  • Master (3): 17% more

A tad lower than the buying bargain rates of 5%/10%/20%. Remember, bargaining rounds off, so tweak a bit when buying or selling.

You can’t go beyond your initial asking price. So, for max value, overprice slightly, if you can handle less foot traffic.

The highest sale price is the best offer (107%) multiplied by the best bargain (17%), hitting a sale price of 125.19%, or a range of 108.81-125.19% with good customers.

Armed with this, try these selling strategies with max bargain skill:

  • Set all cars at the lowest orange price (115%), bargain to $1 less. You’ll see 5-6 good customers daily, with 62.2% taking the deal.
  • Set prices at the highest average (107%), do the $1 less bargain. You’ll max out with


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