How to Make Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

What are Whatsapp Stickers?

Whatsapp stickers are the small little photos or text that you can put on your friend’s chats and it gives them a little bit of colour to chat. It’s an easy way to give someone an inside joke, especially for young people who don’t know each other well. The problem with stickers is that they’re not free, and you have to buy packs of different ones in order to get the heads up ones that you want. If you make your own extremely simple stickers on your own, then people will love them because they’ll be very different and quirky compared to the boring classic one’s that everyone has received over a million times. Whatsapp stickers are the small little photos or text that you can put on your friend’s chats and it gives them a little bit of colour to chat. 

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What is the Process to Make Your Own Whatsapp Stickers?

Here’s the process to making your own whatsapp stickers:

Step 1: Get a Photo of Yourself

Go to your phone’s camera and take a picture of yourself. Make sure it’s not too big, or else it’ll look terrible when you put it onto Whatsapp. Just make sure that it is clear so that you don’t have a pale face because then people aren’t going to see who you are. You can also use your Facebook profile picture if you want.

Step 2: Get a Photo of whatever you want to put on it

For example, if you wanted to put a smiley face on your sticker, then go ahead and take a photo of a smiley face. 

Step 3: Put your picture onto the sticker

Once you have taken the photo of your sticker, upload it onto your computer. Then put the picture where you want it to be on the sticker. For example, if your picture is below the words “Happy Birthday” then draw it above or below that line or a small part of the text in such a way that people will see what you are putting in there before they even open it.

Step 4: Save It

When you are finished drawing your sticker, then save it onto your computer. Also, save the original picture you took before because you might need to use it again.

Step 5: Open it up on Whatsapp

Go to Whatsapp and log in. Then click on the sticker that you made over there. There will be an arrow right next to it, click on that and then click “Open” at the bottom of your screen. That’s all there is to making stickers with your own unique designs on WhatsApp.

Step 6: Share it with all your friends

Once you have made the sticker, then you can use it across all of WhatsApp. You can share it with all your friends in different groups and they will appreciate it because they will be able to see what you are up to. You can even put stickers on other people’s stickers if they have acute or funny ones, or if they don’t have any stickers of their own. Make sure that when you are sharing it, you only share it with people who will appreciate them because not everyone enjoys a good old fashioned joke.

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What are the Benefits to Make Your Own Whatsapp Stickers?

Here are the benefits to making your own Whatsapp stickers:

1. It shows that you’re creative and talented.

The best thing about making your own WhatsApp stickers is that you easily stand out from everyone else because everyone has the same ones, but once you make your own unique ones, people will want to see what else you have. If you send them different stickers such as new ones for Christmas or other occasions then it will be something that they don’t expect and it will make them laugh even harder than the last one.

2. You can use it as an inside joke with someone.

If you are in a relationship with someone or even if you just want to show your friend that you care about them and feel good about them, then a sticker saying something funny is the way to go. It’s a way for people to get together and laugh at something that was meant for them both. They will think of you every time they see the stickers in their chat and it will remind them of the great times that they have had with you in the past.

3. You can use it as an advertisement for yourself.

When you make stickers for your friends, you can use them as advertisements for yourself. For example, if you are in a band, then you might want to put a sticker saying “New Song On Soundcloud” or “New Album In Stores”. This will not only show people that you care about them and that you have something new to offer, but also it will make them even more interested because they will be happy that the friend is getting some sort of message from the band.

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