How to Make Money Easily With WordPress Blogging

How to Make Money Easily With WordPress Blogging


WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms we do have and lots of bloggers are using wordpress to make money online. You might be wondering as how much money you can make from wordpress or how to use wordpress for making money? As told earlier, wordpress is a blogging platform and bloggers are doing blogging on wordpress. Bloggers are used to provide tips, tricks and other useful information that users are looking for on internet. Once visitors starts visiting your blog, bloggers would start make with money with wordpress. As the amount of traffic increased, earning would also increased. So, if do have good numbers of visitors, you can make money online with wordpress blogging platform. Further, in this article we are explaining the top methods as how to earn money online with wordpress.

All you need to do is to offer good quality content on your blog. Also, avoid the blogging mistakes that most of the bloggers often do. Keep in mind the ideal post length for every blog, and put up efforts to increase blog traffic with guest blogging strategies and other methods of SEO optimization. Social media traffic also cannot be ignored, so focus on building social media audiences as well simultaneously if you are really serious about make money online with wordpress.

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This blog post is all about WordPress, the great and the simplest CMS (Content Management System). I will show you in this article that how WordPress makes it really easy for the webmasters or bloggers to build and maintain blogs and websites. Also, monetizing and maintaining those online entities also becomes really simple, thanks to WordPress! I will explain the money making ideas also.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS or Content management system that helps us manage large amount of content in the simplest manner. Apart from that, it is an open source tool. That means it is available for free and for all.

WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike little in 2003. They developed it primarily as a blogging platform.

How to earn money online with wordpress – Top 5 Methods

Depending on the web entity that you build using WordPress, the monetization mode differs. Let me run through the major ones here-

#1 AdSense

This ad program belongs to Google. You may use your blog to publish AdSense ads. Based on the clicks and impressions the ad gets, your blog will generate revenue. For doing this, you must first apply for AdSense program and get your blog approved. Upon getting approved, you are all set to publish AdSense ads on your blog!

Not just AdSense, you may publish ads of other services too, like- Infolinks, Chitika, Kontera etc. In short, you are basically using the blog as an advertising platform in the above cases.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Based on the niche that your blog is about, you may market products and earn a commission for each sale made. This is called affiliate marketing.

 #3 E Store

I already mentioned that it is very much possible to create an E Store using WordPress. And generating revenue from an E Store is not that difficult. You know the process, don’t you?

#4 Membership site

If it is a forum or a site providing premium content that you have created, you may make use of this mode of monetization. For a user to gain access to your content, you may charge a nominal fee or let them opt for paid membership.

#5 Consultancy

If it a service or consultancy that you are providing, then you may make use of your WordPress blog. You may use it as a platform to facilitate your business!

Some amazing and powerful features of WordPress that helps to make money online with wordpress

Listed here are some features of WordPress CMS-

#1 Installation and set-up is easy!

Many think that installing WordPress on the domain and hosting that they just purchased is very difficult. But they are completely wrong! Installing WordPress and setting it up is quite easy!

The CMS is so popular that most host providers have ensured that there is a one click installation system for WordPress in their hosting package!

Almost 90% of the hosting companies have this one click script installer ready in their hosting packages. You just need to select WordPress and install it. The process hardly takes 1 minute to complete!

And about the set-up part, it may seem difficult, but actually, it isn’t that hard. Actually, the next point will explain how set-up is almost like a cake walk!


#2 No coding knowledge is required to set up and start a basic blog!

You read it right! Lack of coding knowledge is what keeps many laymen away from blogging. WordPress, with its simplicity and powerful features, will enable such laymen to make and maintain decent looking and performing blogs.

I bet that it is very much possible to run through the basic set up of a blog and maintain it, without having any knowledge of coding at all! You just need to have a bit of technical know-how, regarding the internet and should have good understanding of English language and some technical jargon.

The WordPress ‘Dashboard’, the place where you’ll find all the components of the CMS is quite easy to use and to get started with. The User Interface of the dashboard is easy to use and intuitive. Tasks like adding new posts, deleting stuff will come to you naturally, such is the design of it!

Believe me, in the beginning, I had zero coding knowledge. But that didn’t prevent me from starting blogs! And you know how all this is possible? The next two entries are partly responsible for this-

#3 Availability of free themes

In case of laymen, the biggest misconception that they have is regarding giving the blog a ‘look’ and ‘layout’. They think that it is all based on how well one can ‘code’ using HTML.

This is when WordPress themes come handy. One just doesn’t need to worry about layout and design of the blog! In the WordPress repository, one will find a huge collection of themes.

Just choose the theme that you like the most and install it! Yes, that’s it! You don’t have to design anything to give the blog its basic look and layout!

#4 Availability of free plugins

You might wonder what plugins are. Well, plugins are scripts actually. They can be downloaded for free from the WordPress repository and installed on your blog. Well, some plugins are premium though! They will cost you money!

Different plugins perform different tasks. Some may deal with security aspects while others may deal with social sharing aspects of the blog. In any case, plugins add to the productivity of a blog.


Okay, what I want to say here is that the WordPress repository has a huge collection of free and useful plugins in it. So, to get some crucial and much needed functions incorporated in a blog, these plugins just needs to be installed and activated!

#5 Support is awesome and problems are solved easily

I’ve been saying that using WordPress is easy as breathing is! But, I must also admit that occasionally, you may run into some trouble, while using it. It may be related to the theme, layout or plugin. It can be anything, you know.

What will you do in such circumstances? How will you solve the problem? Okay, that’s it! Let me assure you that support and help is readily available, when it comes to issues related to WordPress.

In the beginning, I told that WordPress is open source platform. That means it is free to use and free to develop and work on it further.

This policy has ensured that more and more developers are keen on developing themes, plugins and other goodies related to WordPress. In other words, the developer community of WordPress is vast!

If you ever run into a problem, you’ll have many places, where you can look for the solution. This vast sea of developers and enthusiasts ensure that any problem/query is addressed and solved fast.

#6 Lots of awesome sources to learn from

In the previous point, I told that the developer community and the number of enthusiasts of WordPress is vast. There are many sites and blogs offering WordPress tutorials and tips.

If it is developing your blogging prowess and skills that you are looking forward to, you have many sources to get started. You have many sources to rely upon and make use of!

Those were some very useful features of WordPress CMS. Now, let us focus on some ‘Power features’ of this blogging platform.

Power Features of WordPress CMS

In this article, I used the term ‘Website’ also. But you might say WordPress is all about making and maintaining blogs! And blogs are too simple looking and straight forward, aren’t they?


Well, I beg to differ here. Actually, WordPress can be used to create more entities than just plain old blogs. They can be used to build complex web entities, and that too with relative ease!

Hard to swallow the above mentioned facts? Well, just take a look at the small list of web entities that one can create using WordPress-

#1 Forums

#2 Social Networking site (using BuddyPress plugin)

#3 A full-fledged website (keeping WordPress as the core, with added functionalities that compliment it)

#4 An E Store (using plugins like Woo Commerce and some extensions)

#5 Photography Portfolio (by choosing an appropriate theme)

#6 Coupon Site (by choosing the appropriate theme)

#7 NEWS Aggregating site (by using appropriate plugins)

Saw how many web entities can be carved out using WordPress? Thus, this CMS is capable of creating things much complex than the simple blogs.

And many of those entities can be created for free, without using any premium plugins! That’s the power that WordPress comes loaded with!

Now, if you are really new to blogging and want to know bit more about the topic, then there is this ‘flexibility’ and freedom of choice that WordPress offers. Let’s know what this ‘flexibility’ affair is all about-

WordPress offers flexibility

If you are not willing to purchase a domain and hosting package and want to know more about WordPress, there is an excellent option in store for you.

If it is knowing WordPress inside out, that you are looking forward to, then why not start a free blog using the CMS? The hosting is free, done by WordPress’ servers. But the only drawback is that you will have to make do with a domain that looks like this-

Yes, you won’t get your custom domain. This is because the blog is actually being hosted on their server! But, I must admit that it is an excellent learning platform.

You may make use of this opportunity to know WordPress and blogging closer. Note that free hosting won’t help you avail all the features of WordPress. But still, it is a good learning platform! Okay, now that we are done with the flexibility aspect, let’s take a look at the ‘personalization’ aspect that WordPress offers.

Personalization options come handy, when you want to make your blog stand out from the crowd! If you want to leave your mark on the blogosphere and want to create an own, distinct style for your blog, then WordPress won’t let you down!

Let’s take a closer look at personalization options that WordPress offers-

WordPress and personalization options

You may purchase premium themes and use them on your blog, giving it a professional and unique look. That’ll cost you a few bucks, but the investment is worth the returns!

Apart from that, if you manage to learn PHP, CSS and HTML, then you can tweak and fine-tune your blog’s look and user interface easily. Learning those languages is not rocket science! With time, you can master them!

Now let’s focus our attention on the very last aspect. This aspect may be the last one in this article. But I guarantee that it is an exciting one! Yes, it is monetization that we are going to talk about!

Let’s see how WordPress makes monetization an easy affair-


In the end, I’d like to say that WordPress is the right platform for you if you want your web entity to be more than just a simple blog. If it is things like personalization, branding and monetization that matters to you most, then go for this CMS. It’ll never let you down.

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