How to get magic bullet in PUBG mobile and different hacks?

How to get magic bullet in PUBG mobile and different hacks?

PUBG Mobile, one of the most well-known mobile games available, draws a large audience that occasionally includes cheaters or hackers. The creators of the games have been rather loud and outspoken about the use of hacks, and they started issuing weekly reports earlier this year. Over 2,872,644 accounts were permanently banned from PUBG Mobile last week (9 October to 15 October), according to its most recent anti-cheat report.

Now, based on our experience, dealing with hackers on PUBG Mobile can be really frustrating. Reporting such players via the in-game anti-cheat system is the best approach to deal with them. To catch cheaters, there is also a video review system. But it’s best to first grasp how these hacks and cheats actually operate. Here are some of the most popular PUBG Mobile hacks and cheats.

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Magic bullet Hack

This is hack which can used for make game simple. If you fire sideways for enemy then the bullet rotates towards the enemy and it will damage the enemy. If you want this type of hack then you have to download some apps which allow you to use this hack in your game.

Other hacks of PUBG mobile are:

Wall hack

Because it is so simple to apply, this is one of the cheats that is utilised in practically every single first-person shooter game. Players who use this exploit have the benefit of being able to locate their opponents even when they are not directly in their line of sight. The moniker “wallhack” comes from the fact that it is simple to discern the location of every single player via walls. This trick often makes the walls see-through, however in PUBG Mobile, the most prevalent wallhacks highlight an opposing player in a vibrant shade of green. The hacker is able to swiftly recognise his or her rivals and launch planned attacks against them. A new method for implementing wallhacks was recently discovered by PUBG Mobile, which was used by hackers. It would appear that they would work together in order to purposefully lose a match. After then, the hacker would assist a member of his or her team in gaining an unfair edge by employing the spectator option. PUBG Mobile has already implemented certain improvements to eliminate the possibility of something like this occurring.

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ESP hack

Extra Sensory Perception, sometimes known as ESP, is a common cheat used in PUBG Mobile to gain an unfair edge. You may consider this a step beyond wallhack, where a hacker can obtain extra information in addition to the opponents’ whereabouts. In essence, the ESP system injects code into the game client that keeps track of the game data stored in the device memory. One of the most sophisticated hacking methods, it provides a wide range of opponent information, including name, health, distance, weapons utilised, and much more. Because one of its most well-known features is the ability to locate players and objects using guided radar-like lines, it is also known as the “radar hack.” One of the few hacks that can be challenging to detect is this one.

Speed hack

Speed hacks are yet another in-game technique that are simple to notice and are used to move quickly. Notably, the hack has certain flaws and isn’t entirely foolproof. A player who is utilising a speed hack is easy to spot due to their extreme speed, and it’s not very tough to kill them. Hackers may find it challenging to regulate the increased speed and may find themselves in a precarious situation, particularly if they are using a vehicle. Short-range combat and swiftly travelling around the area to grab loot can both benefit unfairly from the speed hack.

Aim bot hack

This is really simple, and many shooter games use it, just like wallhack does. When using this hack, a player’s accuracy in battle increases to 100%. Some aimbot hacks don’t even require the hacker to aim at or be close to the opponent. It can deflect your projectiles directly onto your opponents’ heads, resulting in quick kills. Though relatively simple to spot, this trick. It’s likely that an opponent is utilising an aimbot hack if they are able to harm you although you are completely protected all around.

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Jump hack

The jump hack enables users to launch themselves into the air, providing them with a panoramic view of the game world. Because the effect is comparable to what one would feel when there is less or zero gravity, it is also known as the “anti-gravity cheat.” This can also be utilized while operating a motor vehicle, just like the speed hack did. This hack is used to locate and chase foes from above, however it is highly obvious and can be easily discovered by the game’s developers.


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