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There were old times when the streaming of games was only limited to desktop computers. But nowadays technologies have made up so many processes in the world of games because of which streaming of games for the gamers can be easily done through the smartphones and all other smart devices too. There are several apps available on the Google play store which is highly recommended by known streamers for streaming games through android phones. Through this, the gameplay videos are very easy to be shared on platforms like YouTube. Also, there is an option available through which the game can even be stream on multiple devices at the same time. By providing all these benefits the gamers nowadays have a lot of available option handy. So, if you are someone who is in a fix to decide which app is the best to be used for streaming your impressive gameplay then this is the article for you. In here I can say your search ends. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best live streaming apps for gaming on android phones. All these apps provide the best service for streaming your favourite game without spending any additional charge. Let’s start with our list without wasting any further time.

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Best Game Streaming Apps for Android:

It is worth mentioning that there are plenty of apps present on the Google play store which provide live streaming for all possible games. The list that we are going to discuss here focus on the best service providing apps with good ratings as well as reviews.

#1. StreamCraft:

This app is not available on the Google play store but it is of course a well-appreciated app that is currently been used by many experienced players worldwide. This is however an android app mainly designed for gamers who are in a search of an app that can stream their gameplay videos. As with the StreamCraft app, the games can easily broadcast the whole gaming video and earn rewards as well. Apart from this, the very app uses a platform that can be used for hosting as well as participating in a various contest arranged from time to time to win real cash as a reward.

#2. Omlet Arcade:

There are many gamers out there who prefer to broadcast their gameplay on various social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and much more than Omlet Arcade is the app for such needs. There are many gamers as well as video creators who are currently involved in using the app and as per their response, the service delivered here is amazing. One of the most amazing things about this app is that it supports a wide range of games. With that, it is even free to be used. However, the video quality is a little degraded in the case of the free version. 

#3. Streamlabs:

This app known as streamlabs can be used by a video creator or even a streamer. The app is considered best in use. It lets the user go live just by pressing few buttons. The good thing is of course the point that it is growing the user base. But the app even allows the user to add filters and many possible video effects on the stream all this enhance the stream quality. 

#4. Nexplay:

The next play is nothing but a platform such as YouTube and Twitch used by many streamers nowadays. The platform is in great use for live streaming for gamers gameplay and many other possible things too. Well, this is sure that the platform is not that famous as Twitch or YouTube but still it has some targeted base. Even if you are not a streamer you can still watch videos over here which is about many possible things such as worldwide tournaments, fashion, books etc.  

#5. Mobizen Live Stream for YouTube:

This very app is for YouTube users as it allows them to stream in a higher quality such as 1080p format with 60fsp. Apart from this it also allows the user to turn on their front-facing camera as well as hide their chat box while streaming. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it is only for the people who are using YouTube not any other platform.

#6. Ustream:

This is one the most amazing android app that mainly allows the user to watch live videos as well as broadcast the live gameplay or something else on your phone or tablet. With this very app, the users can do many possible things such as watching live videos, discovering important upcoming events etc. There is even the option to broadcast live to several viewers at the same time using the camera of your device.

#7. Twitch:

Twitch is a famous platform that in today’s time has millions of users. This platform mainly allows the users to broadcast their very own gaming content. The platform is mostly in use by gamers that lets you watch gameplay. Apart from all that it even lets you chat live as you play or watch the game. 

#8. Nimo TV- Live Game Streaming:

This is one of the famous approaches if you looking for something to play as well as broadcast your gaming videos to many other like-minded players then Nimo is one of the best options you can pick without having any second thought. This app is more like a global server for millions of gamers out there to showcase the gaming talent they have and share it with their community as well. 

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I hope all the suggestion given above will be useful to my readers out there.

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