List of Dota 2 Players Banned Valve

List of Dota 2 Players Banned Valve

A Shocking Ban Wave Hits Dota 2 Scene

In a surprising turn of events, Valve has unleashed a massive ban wave targeting players from the Chinese and Southeast Asia (SEA) regions. The bans are a result of a breach of fair play principles, and among those affected are some well-known names, including Alacrity, FelixCiaoBa, and Flyby.

Banned Players21 players, including notable names like Flyby, Alacrity, and FelixCiaoBa, receive lifetime bans from Valve and Perfect World events.
TI Veterans AffectedTI player Flyby (Royal Never Give Up) and Lin (LGD, TI4) are among those facing lifetime bans.
Malaysian Stars BannedAlacrity and FelixCiaoBa, popular Malaysian players, face lifetime bans for fair play violations.
Knights Dota 2 AllegationsKnights team under scrutiny for alleged cheating, using vision hack software during CN DPC and Lima Major. Reported to Valve by Perfect World.
Temporary BansAnother 25 players receive temporary bans of two years and one year, likely tied to match-fixing or cheating, with varying degrees of involvement.

The Lifetime Ban Hammer

The severity of the ban varies, with half of the 46 listed players facing a lifetime ban, prohibiting them from participating in both Valve and Perfect World events. Notably, 21 players, including Flyby, find themselves banned for life from all Valve events.

Notable Lifelong Bans:

  1. Xu “Lin” Ziyang (mmm) – 26 years old
  2. Class “123” Zhilong
  3. Kim “Unknown-” Jit Pin – 26 years old
  4. Yang “Yp” Yuepeng (Helios) – 27 years old
  5. Zhan “guoguo” Yaoyang (果果) – 27 years old
  6. Chen “YRG” Mingyang (Show) – 28 years old
  7. Yu “ISI” Lepeng – 25 years old
  8. Sun “Dev1ce” Yinhan (pangdudu!) – 25 years old
  9. Shen “Xyz” Chao – 26 years old
  10. Zhao Haocheng
  11. Kong Xiangdong
  12. Cui “Ty” Zijian (chenchen) – 25 years old
  13. Rick “Darly” Lee Ryc Kee
  14. Fan “Ayo” Tianyou – 28 years old
  15. Fan “LongGGG” Menglong
  16. Xiao “XCJ” Chaojian – 28 years old
  17. Luo “eGo” Bin – 21 years old
  18. Vincent “AlaCrity” Hiew – 25 years old
  19. Su “Flyby” Lei – 25 years old
  20. Chong “FelixCiaoBa” Wei Lun – 26 years old
  21. Wong “mks” Sim An – 21 years old

TI Veterans Among the Banned

Flyby, a TI player with Royal Never Give Up, is a notable name among the lifetime bans. Another TI veteran, Lin (mmm), who played with LGD during TI4, also finds himself on this unfortunate list.

Malaysian Stars Take a Hit

Popular Malaysian players Alacrity and FelixCiaoBa are also part of the banned roster. Alacrity, known for his journey from pub star to reputable organizations like Geek Fam and Galaxy Racer SEA, faces a lifetime ban. FelixCiaoBa, a renowned support player who played alongside CN stars in Royal Never Give Up, is in the same boat.

The Youngest Player and Past Controversies

The youngest player on the list, 21-year-old mks, had just turned 21. He is a Malaysian carry who last played for EHOME. Interestingly, he had a previous case of match-fixing entanglement when playing for CDEC in 2021.

Knights Dota 2 Team Under the Spotlight

Cheating Allegations

The ban wave has cast a shadow on the Knights Dota 2 team, with multiple allegations of suspicious activities during the CN DPC and the Lima Major. The team is accused of using a form of vision hack software, and Perfect World has reported the case to Valve.

The Temporary Ban List

Apart from the 21 players facing lifetime bans, another 25 players receive temporary bans of two years and one year. These bans are likely linked to individual involvement in match-fixing or cheating, with varying degrees of knowledge or evidence.


  1. Q: Why did Valve ban these players?
    • A: The bans were imposed due to a breach of fair play principles, including allegations of match-fixing and cheating.
  2. Q: Are all banned players from the same region?
    • A: Yes, the bans primarily target players from the Chinese and Southeast Asia regions.
  3. Q: What is the significance of the lifetime ban?
    • A: Players with a lifetime ban are barred from participating in all Valve events, impacting their professional Dota 2 careers significantly.
  4. Q: How did the Knights Dota 2 team get involved in the controversy?
    • A: The Knights team faced allegations of using vision hack software, leading to a report to Valve by Perfect World.
  5. Q: Are there chances of appeal for the banned players?
    • A: The information currently available does not mention the possibility of appeal; however, the Dota 2 community is keenly watching for updates.


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