List of Dark web Search Engines

Many are not aware of the term deep web well it is the same as what it sounds like. As the underground internet is that portion of the internet or I can say worldwide web that has never been indexed by the normal traditional search engines. Well, the traditional search engines are those which we mainly use on daily basis such as Google, Bing etc. However, when we are talking about the underground internet then that is something much bigger than what you believe it to be. This underground internet requires dark web search engines. One such fact state is that that the websites that we mainly use including various websites such as Wikipedia and many other social media sites like Facebook is only measured as less than 1% of the total internet present. One thing that is quite clear is that searching on a dark web is not an easy thing to do. There are so many things that are required to make something like that work. One more important fact that is quite important for you people to know is that Google does not work on the dark web. It is quite a difficult task to measure the total depth of the dark web. As an initial requirement, the most important thing that you need is a dark web search engine. Thus, in this article, we are going to see few popular dark web search engines. So, if you are interested in knowing something interesting and amazing then I would suggest you read the article till the end. Then let’s start without wasting any more time.

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#1. DuckDuckGo:

This dark web search engine acts like Google in terms of Dark web. Well, it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the widely used search engines for the TOR browser. This is however quite a simple search engine that has the same search box that we see in Google present at the middle of the page where the user can simply enter his or her queries and then press enter. After this, you will achieve all the relevant answers in response to your query. Apart from this, the DuckDuckGo present a logging policy as they do not keep the log of the users’ data within. This is mostly because the exact number of users in this very platform is unknown. As per the claim made by the company recently, it’s about 25 million educated guests. This platform is believed to be the beast of TOR search engines.

#2. Ahmia:

This is another popular dark web search engine for the TOR browser. This however has a boost up complete privacy and a no-log policy like DuckDuckGo. Ahmia is also quite famous for offering a simple user interface wherein it consists of the search box located in the middle of the page. The user in here only has to type his or her query and soon the result will come up. One more feature that Ahmia provides is known as a link graph which in simple words shows the connection established between one website to another website. However, according to some people, this is a kind of stupid addition but this surely helps in defining the reliability of the websites the user wants to visit. Ahmia also uses on a high scale.

#3. Kilos:

Now when we are going to talk about kilos then this is something different from the above mentioned two dark search engines. So, any website that is open through this dark web search engine is actually from the darkest corner and every query searched is been related to your query is illegal. The search result that we obtain from the kilos dark search engine is actually from the darkest ends of the dark web. This is a search engine that is used to sell as well purchase drugs online.

So, in simple words, it is highly used by people in search of buying or selling drugs or other illegal things of such kind. Hence, I would not suggest anyone out there use this browser. However, it was mentioned in this list as it works amazingly.

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#4. Not Evil:

This dark search engine is very much similar to the DuckDuckGo and Ahmia. Not evil is a dark search engine for TOR browsers with a simple user interface consisting of just an image and a search box on the top of the screen. It lets its users search for desired content anytime. Not Evil is one of the most reliable search engines when it comes to websites. Some additional features that users can found in here are the details like the last response from the websites as well as the ping rates to determine if the website shown is functional or not. This even has a customer base through which the extra details are provided to most of the users. This is one of the best dark search engines available in the market. 


I hope the information shared above will be quite helpful to all my readers out there.

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