List of best PUBG weapons

List of best PUBG weapons

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers a lot of cool weapons. But which weapon is the best? Which assault rifle is most effective and which sniper rifle does the most damage? Find out in our guide to the best weapons in PUBG!

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In PUBG it is important to choose the best weapons to come out as a winner and have a chicken dinner. You can win only if you know the top tips and tricks of PUBG game and also should know how to choose best weapons in PUBG to kill the enemies.  In the list of best weapons in PUBG, we can use pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles etc.  Different weapons can be use in different circumstances such as riveting the annoying enemy from a distance with a sniper rifle or would you rather get close and hold it with the shotgun.

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List of best PUBG weapons

PUBG –List of Best Pistol Guns

Guns are not particularly effective in PUBG. The handguns usually peak at the beginning of a round, if you have a frying pan as an alternative. Otherwise pistols are still good as a sidearm if the ammunition for the main body runs out. Pistols do a lot of damage, but all suffer from a short range and small magazine sizes.

#1. P18c Gun PUBG

This pistol is based on the famous Glock 18C from Austria. Like its counterpart in real life, the Wumme is famous for its extremely high rate of fire. It shoots 9mm bullets out just as quickly as a submachine gun! It achieves high DPS values (damage per second), even if the damage of the individual bullets is low.

When shooting with the P18C, keep in mind that the recoil between shots makes you inaccurate at long distances. The P18C can therefore only be used for close combat.

Very high rate of fireMinor individual damage
Great magazineShort range

#2. P1911 Gun PUBG

The P1911 is based on the time-honored M1911 Browning, a pistol that was used by US soldiers in World War I and is still in use today. The pistol with its thick. 45 cartridges are a real buzz and are therefore well suited as a secondary weapon. Unfortunately, the range and speed of the bullets are not exactly optimal. The magazine is also quite small with 7 rounds, but can be expanded.

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High damageSmall magazine
Decent rate of fireShort range

#3. R1895 Gun PUBG (only on Erangel)

If you have to shoot pistols at close range, the pistol should do enough damage to get the enemy down quickly. The R1895 is just the ticket. This archaic revolver from the old Russian tsar empire consumes thick cartridges of caliber 7.62mm in the game ! So you do significantly more damage than with any other pistol. But keep in mind that it takes ages to reload the 7 rounds in the drum magazine!

Very high damageSmall magazine
Can use silencers and is almost silentHigh reload time
 Low rate of fire
 No additional material except muffler

#4. R45 Gun PUBG (Miramar only)

Instead of the R1895, there is this revolver on the Miramar desert map. The R45 also does a lot of damage and is still quite accurate over a medium distance. In contrast to the R1895, he uses the more common .45 ammunition and can mount a red dot sight for better aiming. The R45 has only six cartridges in the magazine, but they can be reloaded much faster than the R1895.

High damageSmall magazine
Good rangeLow rate of fire

PUBG – List of Best Shotguns

Shotguns are the kings of close combat in PUBG – as in any shooter. Nothing empties a room full of enemies faster than a few loads from the good old shot! However, shotguns have the disadvantage that their ranges are miserable, the magazine sizes are lousy and the reloading speeds are tough!

#1.  S12K Shotgun PUBG

By far the best shot in the game is the S12K, the PUBG equivalent of the famous Russian shotgun Saiga-12K.

  • Unimportant fact: This shotgun is named after a cute Russian steppe antelope.
  • Important fact: The S12K is a semi-automatic shotgun .

Thanks to the high rate of fire, the best shotgun in PUBG knocks out a lot of shot and can sweep entire rooms! Also cool: thanks to the practical magazine, you do not have to insert all cartridges individually and can reload faster.

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High rate of fireSmall magazine
High reload speed thanks to the magazineShort range
 Rather moderate individual damage

#2. S1897 Shotgun PUBG

This time-honored shotgun is based on the “Winchester Model 1897” and was officially used by all types of troops in the USA until the Gulf War. The weapon has a 5 round magazine and has a good boom. But be careful not to shoot a shot because the rate of fire is quite low.

You also have to load each shot individually, which can take a long time. Keep in mind that you can shoot further with the S1897 than with most other shotguns, especially if you have a choke.

High damageLow fire speed
Decent rangeSmall magazine
 Repeat between shots quite slowly

#3. S686 Shotgun PUBG

The double-barreled S686 is more of a sports device than a weapon because it is based on the Beretta 686 – a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting. Nevertheless, the shotgun blows out a lot of damage and both barrels can be fired quickly. Then there is a shot and you have to reload.

The S686 is therefore only suitable for short-range targets. As a typical shotgun, the S686 has a very short range. But especially at the beginning of the game, you can quickly decimate the competition in the house fight with a well-fitting shot load.

High damageShort range
High rate of fire (but only 2 rounds)Small magazine

PUBG – List of Best Submachine Guns

If you like to shoot like crazy at short range, you should get a submachine gun. These handy lead syringes do a lot of damage and often have a murderous rate of fire. But keep in mind that SMGs are not very suitable for long-range battles.

#1. Vector Gun PUBG

The ultra-modern Vector fires powerful .45 ammunition in quick succession. This makes her a killer at close range! But keep in mind that the range is small and you also have to be disciplined on the trigger. Because the magazine is short with 13 rounds, an extension doubles the size jeodch! Nevertheless, the Vector shines towards the end of most rounds, where you fight for survival in a confined space.

High rate of fireSmall magazine, urgently needs an upgrade
Small magazine, urgently needs an upgrade
Good damageShort range

#2. UMP9 Gun PUBG

The UMP9 from Heckler & Koch is a 9mm submachine gun from Germany. It is a solid submachine gun and a good all-round weapon. It doesn’t do much damage with its 9mm bullets, but shoots pretty quickly and has a large magazine. As with all SMGs, the range is not particularly high.

High rate of fireLittle damage
Great magazineShort range

#3. Micro-Uzi Gun PUBG

The small Micro-Uzi is an excellent lead spinner! The tiny submachine gun sprays its 25-shot 9mm magazine in a few seconds, but doesn’t expect to hit anything further away. The Micro-Uzi is therefore a pure melee weapon. It is ideal for early play when opponents have no armor and can be holed in seconds.

Very high rate of fireMiserable range
 Small magazine

PUBG – List of Best Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are friends of all campers and feared in PUBG like hardly a weapon. With the Sniper Rifles, experienced shooters lurk in their hiding places and shoot anyone who can be seen carelessly in their riflescope. A good sniper rifle has a long range and does a lot of damage.

#1. AWM Sniper Rifle PUBG

The Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) is one of the most famous sniper rifles in the gaming scene. After all, the beast was one of the top buzzes in the good old counter strike. The AWM uses massive .300 Winchester Magnum ammunition. Human bodies therefore do not have much to counter the cartridges of the AWM. The AWM is therefore one of the most brutal weapons in the game, which should deliver one-shot kills over long distances in rough quantities.

Enormous damage!Small magazine
Extreme rangeVery long reload time
Very preciseScarce ammunition
 Only available as an airdrop

#2. Kar98 Sniper Rifle PUBG

The “Karabiner 98 Kurz” is an old rifle model with which the German Wehrmacht was equipped in the Second World War. The weapon is accurate and does a lot of damage over long distances. However, the reload time is high because you have to reload manually after each shot.

High damageSmall magazine
Long rangeVery long reload time
Very precise

#3. SKS Sniper Rifle PUBG

The SKS is a DMR, a “Designated Marksman Rifle. It falls into a category between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Therefore, you get a weapon with good range, high damage and a good rate of fire. At medium distances you are best served with this weapon.

High rate of fireReach rather medium
Good damageSmall magazine

PUBG –List of Best Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are solid weapons that perform a variety of roles on the battlefield. They are strong, have a good range and a good rate of fire. Therefore, some of the best weapons in PUBG belong to this category.

#1. SCAR-L Assault Rifle PUBG

The powerful SCAR-L is a modern assault rifle that you can equip with a variety of addons. Thanks to the handy 5.56mm caliber, it has a fairly acceptable recoil and can fire and hit something fully automatically even in zoom mode. If you find a SCAR-L, you are definitely well equipped. The weapon only reaches its full potential through upgrades.

Neat damageOnly optimal with upgrades
Little recoil 
Good rate of fire 
Good replacement for sniper rifles 
Many upgrades

#2. M416 Assault Rifle PUBG

This weapon is a good all-rounder with which you cannot do much wrong. It fires quickly, the bullets have a decent speed and even without sighting devices you can aim super over the rear sight and front sight. It is a good choice in any combat distance. With a good rifle scope, the M416 is also good as a long-range sniper. You can also pack all sorts of goodies, such as tactical bearings, riflescopes, extended magazines, handles and silencers. But keep in mind that the opponent is hardly out of balance by hits.

Neat damageHardly a “man-stop effect”
Very good “sight-and-grain” sightMediocre without upgrades
Precise in single shot 
Good rate of fire 
Good replacement for sniper rifles 
Many upgrades

#3. Groza Assault Rifle PUBG

This Russian assault rifle is a real killer. It shoots out up to 750 7.62-millimeter rounds per minute, screening every enemy in seconds. That makes the Groza a weapon with one of the best DPS values. But keep in mind that the recoil is quite hard with this high caliber and the enormous rate of fire. The Groza therefore plays more like a submachine gun than an assault rifle. In addition, you can only get them from the rare airdrop boxes.

High damage thanks to DPSHigh recoil
Very good rate of fireLess space for upgrades
Built-in vertical handleOnly available as an airdrop


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