List of all Free Fire Characters 2021

The new year has started with a lot of surprises. The gaming world has also given a bunch of new surprises too one such surprise is the introduction of 35 more characters in the Free Fire game. With the addition of Chrono. These characters are unique of course besides that they besides Primis and Nulla boats which is an excellent ability. Unlike all the games out their Free Fire is also quite competitive. There are many players out there who are crazy about this game. Also, in this game, the player desire of achieving the highest rank depends upon the character the player chooses. The game of Free Fire has some exceptions features that makes it different from all other games. There are so many elements to add up in this game already. The modes are unique and this adds different strategy and micro-mechanisms. There is a big pool of character present in this game giving it an extra kick. All these characters have their skill present in the kit that can be used any time in the game against the enemy. All these characters are different from one other which makes them stand out of the crowd. Some of these characters are very easy to understand while a quiet of them are a bit complex to follow up. There are different modes present in this game and the mode like clash squad demand the right decision of picking the players.

Let’s see the characters one by one:

#1. DJ Alok:

The first character in this list will surely be DJ Alok. This player is one of the best been introduced in the Free Fire games. The character resembles the real-life DJ and there are several skills it possesses making him different as well as powerful. Several players know the correct place where he can exactly fit. One of his acting ability is known as drop the beat in which he makes up an aura that surrounds him from all the sides this exceptional layer increases his speed by 10%. Apart from this restore the 5 HP per second for 5 seconds. This ability is quite amazing as per most of the players out there. This character provides the player with a lot of sustainability. For squad play, this is one of the best choices to make.

#2. Chrono:

The second player I would highlight in this list will be none other than the Chrono who is also known as time tuner. As per the description made in the game, Chrono is a bounty hunter who has arrived from a different universe. This character has the mastery in creating a force field that can block around 600 damage done by the enemy’s side. The speed of allies and the user is increased by 15% to 30%. The cooldown period is for 40 seconds at most and the effect lasts for 9 seconds. The Chrono ability during a game is quite impressive when most of the players are engaged in the battle field as in the force field the damage would not be taken my any of the players for more than 9 seconds.

#3. Moco:

The third player in the list is Moco. As per the game description, Moco is an excellent hacker. The players commonly call her as the hacker’s eye. Her abilities are quite outstanding. The ability blocks the enemies that are shot for about 5 seconds. All this information is shared by all the players in the team.

Using most her unique ability the players can get the information about the enemy’s location, shooting strategy and even the weapons too. The next move can easily be calculated by using her powers.

#4. Jai:

The fourth character is one of the most trusted characters by the player. He is commonly known as the raging reload while his actual name is Jai. He is one of the decorated SWAT agents into play. The ability is quite useful in getting a major buff in the OB24 update. The character is cool and makes a lot of things easier as of his thinking ability. Whenever the players will be knocking down any of the opponents in the game, they would be able to reload 45% of their magazine capacity that to automatically. Well, it’s limited to the pistol, AR, SMG and SG weapons alone.

#5. K:

The fifth player in the list is quite an impressive one as he is good in almost everything one can mention in the Free Fire game. He is known as the master of all none other than K. as per the description given in the game, he is a professor and expert of jiu-jitsu. The ability he carries is different from all other characters in many ways. The character can increase the ability of the player by maximizing his EP by 50 and that two in two modes. One mode is Jiu-jitsu and other is psychology mode.


There are many other characters introduced but these 5 are the most favourite of all. I hope you liked the article.

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