Learn the difference between SEO,SEM and PPC

In this piece of article we will be discussing about the difference between SEO, SEM and PPC. Let’s explore SEO Vs SEM Vs PPC.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process to improve the visibility and page rank of a website or blog within browser search results or in search engines. SEO tries to focus on different kind of components of search such as Image, Video, contents on the page et-al. Relevant and organic keywords which could be specific to the site or search item. An organisation who wants its website to be visible whenever the search for the specific key word is specified- needs to edit some portion of their site through the HTML –so that relevance of the keyword could be visible.

Another SEO section is where you increase the number of back links or other inbound links. In mid-1990’s web site guys started optimizing their sites. In the started all the webmasters have to submit the URL or page address to different search engines which could forward further and get the links extracted. According to recent development in April 2012, Google Penguins has been updated – to penalize those websites who use to manipulate the techniques just for improving their rankings.

PPC (Pay per Click)

It is a well-defined web marketing strategy which is also known as Cost per click. It is used to enhance the online traffic hitting your website for the purpose of advertising. In this the publisher is paid when the advertisers’ add is being hit. In a more simple way it could be clarified as being paid when the advertisement is are clicked. Clicks are based on the target audience just by using a specific keyword which addresses the organization. Content websites charge normally a price which is fixed as per the click and not based on the bidding system.

SEM (search Engine Marketing)

It is a key component of the digital marketing framework; SEM involves the promotion for websites by improving its visibility in the search engine optimization. It is form of Marketing which is provided via the internet. It can use either PPC or SEO for showing the visibility of the site to the users. They are having four categories through which they can optimize the website. Some of the options are Key word analysis and search, Website popularity and saturation, Back end tools and “Whois” tools.

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Comparing any of the options could not be the right way to judge, as every option has its own unique point. It’s just the matter of scenarios where we want to implement, as it could work in some scenarios quite well but for other options it could encounter some issues.

SEO is a technique which is aimed to get a particular website on the first page of the browser search results. It’s important for the businesses with ample online presence as 80% of traffic can be generated .SEO could be beneficial in the following cases such as desired consistent output, increasing the value of the website and lastly when you want to build authority for your site. It takes quite of hard work and time to attain the position on the first page.

Whereas In case of PPC, it could be used when you want the result desired on the immediate basis, highly focused target need to be sought, promoting offers which are time sensitive, site is not designed to effect of SEO etc.

SEM is just a broader term for the marketing purpose of the site. Whereas SEO would be just a subsection for the SEM. SEM just provides the advantage of the immediacy only nothing else. If you need to grow the visibility of your site and don’t bother about the funds then you can move ahead with it. First move to promote your site will be to work for SEO.


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