Latest PUBG Update, Even Non-Winners Can Savor Chicken

Story Headlines:

Collaboration DetailsPUBG teams up with KFC for an in-game promotion, placing KFC restaurants in Erangel, replacing gas stations.
In-Game BenefitsEating virtual KFC food offers in-game advantages: KFC Chicken Bucket acts as a first-aid kit, KFC fries function as bandages, and an unbranded beverage serves as an energy drink.
Ordering ProcessPlayers can order KFC in-game through kiosks, with the meals appearing magically. The in-game KFC establishments are unstaffed.
Brand PresenceKFC billboards and banners are seen on various PUBG maps. Players can wear a KFC chicken bucket hat.
Duration of PromotionThe PUBG: Battlegrounds KFC promotion is planned to last for one month, according to publisher Krafton.
Update AvailabilityThe 26.1 update is live for Windows PC players, with consoles (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X) receiving it on October 19.

Gone are the days when only the most adept champions of PUBG: Battlegrounds could savor the delectable rewards of poultry by emerging triumphant in a 100-player battle royale confrontation. Thanks to a novel collaboration between PUBG and KFC, now any participant can indulge in a sumptuous chicken feast, regardless of their victory or defeat.

Within the realm of PUBG’s 26.1 update, KFC, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is artfully dispersed throughout the map of Erangel, taking the place of the game’s fuel stations. Instead of refueling your vehicles, players can satiate their hunger with 12-piece KFC buckets, an overtly ingenious marketing strategy aimed at imprinting the idea that fried chicken is undeniably scrumptious. Presumably, the expectation is that this will encourage them to indulge in real-life orders of this delectable delight.

Intriguingly, partaking in the virtual consumption of KFC-branded cuisine bestows in-game advantages. Consuming a KFC Chicken Bucket operates as a virtual first-aid kit, and the 26.1 update’s patch notes convey the character’s relishing of the chicken leg with utmost clinical precision. When it comes to accompaniments, KFC fries take on the role of a bandage, albeit less effective as a curative item, while an unbranded beverage steps in as a substitute for PUBG’s energy drink, enhancing the character’s stamina and swiftness.

Behold, a glimpse into the theatrics of this fast-food indulgence in action.

Players yearning for some KFC in the world of PUBG can place their orders through an in-game kiosk, and behold, their meal magically manifests. Curiously, the KFC establishments appear devoid of personnel, a wise decision, perhaps, given the chaotic nature of operating a fast-food franchise on a perilous island where bloodshed reigns. Though insulated delivery bags are strewn about the KFC venues, it seems that players cannot dispatch a meal to their comrades or anticipate any gratuity for such services.

On the flip side, the less amusing facet of the PUBG: Battlegrounds KFC alliance is the proliferation of KFC billboards across Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi, along with KFC banners adorning the starting aircraft.

In a pleasant twist, players can also don a KFC chicken bucket bucket hat, adding a dash of whimsy to their appearances.

If this sort of blatant commercialization leaves a bitter aftertaste, rest assured that PUBG: Battlegrounds’ KFC promotional extravaganza is slated to endure for a mere month, as per Krafton, the game’s publisher.

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ 26.1 update is presently available for Windows PC users. Players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X can anticipate the update’s arrival on October 19.

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