Latest Minecraft Updates: Java vs Bedrock Patch

Latest Minecraft Updates: Java vs Bedrock Patch

Are you a player of Minecraft? If the answer is yes then you must be already aware of the two latest updates the game is going on with. The first one is the Minecraft java which is the original version. This version is a standalone Pc version that gets the update in the first. While the second one is Minecraft bedrock which has a newly arrived version made for windows 10, consoles and mobile that doesn’t support the opening of modding but can open cross-play on the other hand. This version is updated mostly in a week or two and if late also then takes mostly the time of a month. In this article, we are going to discuss both the updates in detail.

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Minecraft Java patch note:

Let’s start by looking at the features added in updates. As the updates are also divided into many categories each one with a set of new features, bug fixes, plots etc.

Update 1.16.4


Social interaction screen:

This is a new screen that is available for multiplayer that can show a list of all the player in the game so that if you need to hide the chat from someone you can easily go with that.

Block players:

When the player uses the Microsoft account, they are blocked from the game. In this new update, chat and other important options will also be hidden from the user.

Bug fixes:

  1. MC-192434 – Netherite leggings are textured weirdly
  2. MC-199487 – WorldGen Deadlock
  3. MC-201885 – Divide by zero error
  4. MC-202147 – Cursor in Social Interactions

Update 1.16.3,4

The bug that was encountered in the previous update is fixed in this new update.



There are some distortion effects such as nausea and the nether portal overlay. This can be however reduced easily now. The nausea effects are now been reduced with the concept of the green overlay. This is more of an alternative visualization.

Chat delay:

The chat delay is now been added to the chat setting screen in the first place. Also, by pressing F3+D will be clearing all the chat that are pending.

Bastion remnants:

There is a tweaked in the bastion remnant chest loot. As of now, they are more likely to be placed on the top of gilded Blackstone.

  • Blocks:
  • The brewing stand available in the game is now crafted using the Blackstone
  • Apart from this the lanterns, as well as the soul lanterns, can be easily waterlogged
  • The chains can now be replaced using the orientation

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Minecraft Bedrock patch note:

Update 1.16.100


  1. For now, the realms and featured servers are now available on the PlayStation
  2.  A new achievement screen is however a good approach
  3. There is also the availability of dozens of creative items that have been recently added to improve the game of the player.

The vanilla parity changes and fixes:

  1. The sound turtles now make a different type of sound when they are about to lay eggs.
  2. The dolphins will also be dried up at the same rate as it takes place in the java edition.
  3. The adjustment nephelite movement will take place in java
  4. All the experience orbs will now be floating in the water
  5. Apart from this, the basalt blocks will take more time to be destroyed
  6. The phantom wings will now make a flapping sound as soon as stated to be used
  7. Striders that consist of the passengers can now be easily tempered
  8. The soul fire is no longer able to melt the snow or the ice block considering the first case
  9. The iron golems will now be attacking Hoglins.


  1. There are various new experimental toggles with enabling technologies and many other things as well.
  2. Also, the new Mojang studio logo splash screen that too on the android devices.


  1. There is fixed a crash that takes place during the gameplay. 
  2. Also, the optimized chunk loading performance has been increased
  3. The various bandwidth is optimization.
  4. The brown and Red Mushrooms can now be grown more easily



  1. The issue of skybox background graphics is been fixed totally
  2. The missing animation issue is also being resolved
  3. Also, the graphic issues with the glass block in the city living
  4. The chat and commands are improved in the first place

The songs are no longer disturbed in between. Reduced sound audio is done automatically when it is required. Also, from this, the changes are made in user interfere, structure blocks, commands, structure blocks.

Many players are using this update in their game. The people were happy with the changes done and the problem that is fixed.

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The Minecraft game is amazing to be explored with this new update. Kindly try the features of the new update and let us know. I hope the article was helpful to all my readers.


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