Larvitar Spawning And Where To Find The Rare Pokemon

Larvitar Spawning And Where To Find The Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go players have been searching for Tyranitar for a long. This powerful pocket monster is one of the many new Pokemon introduced with Gen 2. The best way to acquire the creature is to track down Larvitar (the original form of the Pokemon). Larvitar is difficult to find for Pokemon Go players. It can only be found in a few biomes, so it’s not easy to find. Continue reading to learn all the information Pokemon Go players should know to find Larvitar.

Larvitar and the Rare Pokemon Swarm

Many Pokemon Go players recently acquired Larvitar. The circumstances in which it spawned still need to be fully understood. However, a few facts are known: players outside the normal Larvitar-spawning biomes began to see the creature shortly after Niantic’s Adventure Week event. Some players claimed that they saw them with incense and then in large numbers near their homes.

As if by magic, the Larvitar swarms vanished. Users report that Larvitar was transformed from being one of the rarer Pokemon to becoming the only Pokemon available in the game within a matter of hours. It is unclear whether the Larvitar “swarms” were intentionally created. However, because Larvitar isn’t a Rock-type Pokemon, many players think the higher Larvitar birth rate was an accident.

However, another piece of information suggests that the increase in Larvitar-spawning was deliberate. Players noticed a dramatic rise in Dratini births shortly after March’s Water-type special event. Dratini doesn’t belong to the Water-type Pokemon group, so it shouldn’t have been included in the event. Also, Dratini evolves later into a rare, powerful Pokemon known as Dragonite, just like Larvitar.

Where to Find Larvitar

Larvitar’s spawning parameters are easy to understand, except for special and uncanny circumstances. The pocket monster is most commonly found in mountain biomes. Larvitar nests are known in North America, Monterey Park in California, and the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, Phoenix, Arizona. There is also a nest of Larvitar in Hampstead Heath just outside London.

Players have the possibility of spawning a Larvitar from 10km eggs outside of mountainous areas, but it is unlikely.


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