How to kill more enemies in Free fire?

Garena Free Fire is one of the best mobile battlefield games available. In this game, you must compete with other players to stay alive.

Garena Free Fire (formerly known as Free Fire – Battlefields) is a fantastic mobile battlefield game. The game has single and group modes, and the only purpose is to stay alive. It has over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store and is still thundering. The cause for its thunder is its strong gameplay, graphics, smooth controls, and frequent updates. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Garena Free Fire in this post; Garena Free Fire Guide and Garena Free Fire Guide. You will compete against 50 individuals from around the world in this game, and each player has just one goal: to survive. To begin the match, simply tap on the solo or dual option. Following that, you’ll be joined by 50 other players from around the world. After a few seconds, the conflict begins; you must wait.

All of the players will then fall to the ground. Simply press the eject button to deploy the parachute. The next step is to collect weapons and other useful stuff once you’ve arrived. You have no weapons or goods at the start of the game. These things can be found in structures.

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About Play Zone:

At the top of the screen, you can see notifications in the narrow safe zone, danger zone, safe zone appear in minutes and more. A few minutes out is relaxing; you just need to explore and find weapons; guns, health kit, ammunition. But then the safe zone will start to narrow and to survive you will have to cross it. In the upper left corner, tap the map and you can check your location; you should be under the sphere. In short, the game area will shrink after a few minutes and survive you have to go there. Watch out for the danger zone, if you’re in the danger zone, they’ll come out of there.

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List of things players must do to kill more Enemies within the Free Fire Game:

#1. Realizing Your Role:

First, realize what kind of player you are. Strategist? A stroller? Sniper? Saving people, etc. There are many roles to choose from. Although this step is not so important for the first round, it becomes very important to decide this in the later rounds. Otherwise, you will feel lost and abandoned and you won’t be able to perform at your best. So plan your strategies based on the roles you get.

#2. Avoid using ranged weapons:

When rushing at enemies, it’s best not to use ranged weapons like snipers due to their low rate of fire and too much target zoom range. The player’s ideal weapon of choice should be shotguns or mid-range weapons. In addition to avoiding ranged weapons, players should choose weapons with low recoil and a high rate of fire to ensure large amounts of damage to opponents. This will remove them or force them to retreat.

#3. Never rush without a plan:

Rushing without a plan is one of the worst decisions a player can make in Free Fire. Simply plunging into an RV or a difficult target without a plan will lead to disaster. Before plunging in, players must plan accordingly and strategize how best to pounce on their opponents. In addition to planning, players should use items like smoke grenades and gloo walls to increase their chances of success.

#4. Taking on Designated Locations:

Once your role is defined, determine which locations on the map will, initially, best serve the particular role you have been assigned to. For example, let’s say you’re a support/firefighter on the first turn. Your best bet is to get an M500 and a mushroom. The ideal locations to set up at the start of the game would probably be around base areas with a safe distance from the enemy.

#5. To revive your teammates:

Smoke Grenade can help you revive many of your defeated teammates. Just throw a smoke grenade at where they are. Wait for the fog to settle and without further advice, revive your teammates while the enemies figure out where you are. When there are many team members nearby, it is best to ask them to move closer together and form a group to make your task with smoke grenades easier.

#6. Rushing into enemy territory

Most often, camping is what one of the two teams does before the area has begun to shrink. So if you’re going to use rush play, throw a smoke grenade in front of the enemy to avoid incoming damage.

In Pochinok, these grenades can help you rush to the upper floors of two-door houses.

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#7. Team communication and understanding is very important

Clash Squad: Ranking tests the strength of your teamwork to the highest degree. Against inexperienced players, you can get double, triple and even quadruple wins. But, when it comes to the most balanced teams competing against each other, teamwork is important. Communication, among other things, is important when it comes to the effectiveness of a team play setup. As long as teammates are part of the team, the speed of communication can keep you sane and keep the game going.


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