Jio Emergency Data Loan

Jio Emergency Data Loan

Reliance Jio a term that has flipped the lifestyle of many people. It includes every single one who owns a smartphone. After all the advantages the people are gaining through this network now the Reliance Jio has come up with a great launch of emergency data loan through which it is trying to change few rules of the ongoing game. With this new launch comes a great advantage for the active users of the network to avail a data loan and then pay for it later. This scheme is been named as “Emergency Data Loan” in the market by Jio company. The main aim that is been planned to achieve via this new scheme is to provide the prepaid user with an excellent facility to avail up to five data loan packs of 1 GB each in total translating 5GB of data loan to most of the subscribers. Also, the amount of this loan data is applicable to be paid later on. As a whole this facility mostly allows the active users who have exhausted their allocated data under their respective packs taken and therefore not able to purchase the add on data but still, they can probably enjoy the internet service through this newly launched scheme. Till now it would have been quite clear that today’s article is going to be about the Jio Emergency Data Loan. So if you someone who wants learn about this scheme then kindly continues to read this very article till the end.

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This emergency data allocation scheme is 1GB and it has been initially priced at Rs 11. At most one user can avail up to 5GB of data maximum this must be taken note of. Now coming to the validity of this emergency data loan availed which is as per the validity of the user’s recent plan thus the user can use it as long as he waits till the plan expires. However, the most important thing to note down here that the user availing this emergency data loan doesn’t have to have an active base plan as that is not something that is the initial requirement. One can easily avail of this data loan just by being a Jio subscriber as that the initial and compulsory requirement. I have just cleared up this doubt as many users were having this same doubt about the new emergency data loan scheme. Now many one us would have this same question in our mind that why is this scheme suddenly launched well the answer is simply that to be in a head-to-head attempt to garner the maximum number of active users to connect to the network and then making them stay by offering some amazing features. Through this attempt, the current users would not think of leaving the network and also the active users of other networks will be a part of the Jio family this is the main agenda that the Jio company want to achieve via this scheme or I can say plan. The official statement that came out through the company officials was something like this “Emergency data loan facility provides the flexibility of ‘Recharge Now and Pay Later’ functionality to Jio users who run out of their high-speed daily data quota and are unable to recharge immediately”. Apart from as per many resources available on the web the Jio company target to achieve a total of 500 million base subscribers across the country within few upcoming years. Well, whether this plan will work out a plan will be based on how the users react to it and that make takes some time for sure.

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How to Get Jio Emergency Data Loan

Now coming to the main question that how can someone avail this feature? The answer is quite simple as this facility can be accessed through the My Jio app that can be easily downloaded from the play store on your respective smartphone. After that, there are few steps out there that the users need to follow to avail of this Emergency Data Loan feature. Let’s see the steps involved in detail.  

  1. Firstly, open the My Jio app on your respective smartphones
  2. Then open up the menu just by tapping on the hamburger icon located at the top left corner of your screen
  3. After this select the “Emergency Data Loan” option which is located inside the mobile services tab
  4. Soon after this, you may be able to see an emergency data loan banner appearing where you are required to tab on the proceed option
  5. Now after this kindly click on the “Get Emergency Data” option
  6. After this click the activate button to get the emergency loan benefits
  7. Kindly wait for few seconds after which you will be allocated the data
  8. The payment of this data can be made through the same page.

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However, the company has not specified the details about the exact time user need to make payment.


I hope the information shared above was useful to all my readers.   


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