Inventory Management in PUBG Mobile

Welcome, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of PUBG Mobile/BGMI to master the art of bag and inventory management. We’ve all been there, struggling with a cluttered bag, picking up items we don’t need, and constantly running out of space. But worry not! This guide is here to help you optimize your backpack space and enhance your gaming experience.

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SectionKey Points
IntroductionThe guide focuses on optimizing backpack space in PUBG Mobile/BGMI, emphasizing the importance of inventory management.
Auto Pickup and Customization– Auto pickup is essential for efficient inventory management. <br> – Customizing auto pickup settings according to your playstyle is crucial.
Healing Items and Boosters– Limit medkits to one and adrenaline syringes to one or none. <br> – Carry 4-5 first aid kits and 5-10 bandages. <br> – Prioritize energy drinks over painkillers for space efficiency.
Weapons and Ammunition– Pistols can be used for extra storage without taking up backpack space. <br> – Manage ammunition based on your weapon usage and playstyle. <br> – Adjust auto pickup settings for different types of weapons.
Throwables Management– Carry a balanced amount of grenades, smokes, and Molotov cocktails, adjusting based on backpack level.
ConclusionThe guide provides practical tips for optimizing inventory space, ensuring players have what they need without unnecessary clutter.

Understanding Auto Pickup and Customization

Why Auto Pickup is Your Best Friend

Auto pickup is a game-changer when it comes to managing your inventory efficiently. It automatically picks up items you need, eliminating the risk of accidentally grabbing the wrong items. It’s crucial to customize your auto pickup settings to suit your playstyle, whether you’re an assaulter, sniper, or supporter.

Customizing Your Auto Pickup Settings

Head over to the settings and select ‘Pick Up’ to start customizing. Remember, these settings depend entirely on your personal preferences and playstyle.

Optimizing Healing Items and Boosters

Healing Items: Less is More

When it comes to medkits, one is more than enough as it takes up the same space as two first aid kits. Adrenaline syringes are also heavy, so limit yourself to one or none at all. For first aid kits, carrying four to five should suffice, but feel free to adjust based on your needs. Bandages are necessary but in moderation; five to ten should do the trick.

Boosters: Choose Wisely

Painkillers take up more space than energy drinks, so prioritize carrying energy drinks. They not only provide a decent boost but are also shareable with teammates. Aim for at least five energy drinks and a maximum of one painkiller in your inventory.

Weapons and Ammunition: Finding the Right Balance

Pistols: Hidden Storage

Pistols don’t take up backpack space, and you can store attachments like red dots and laser sights in them. Just make sure to set their auto pick ammo to zero to save space.

Ammunition: Carry What You Need

For 5.56mm ammo, 240-250 rounds should be enough for frequent users, while 200+ is a good amount for others. For 7.62mm rifles, 100 rounds are sufficient, but you might need 150 for the Groza. Sniper rifle users can stick to 30 rounds, but heavy users might want to increase this amount. SMGs and shotguns have their own default settings, which are generally adequate.

Managing Throwables

Aim to carry at least three grenades, three smokes, and one Molotov cocktail. If you have a level three backpack, you can increase these numbers to optimize your inventory.


  1. Auto pickup ensures that you pick up only the items you need, reducing the chances of cluttering your bag with unnecessary items.

  2. How many medkits and adrenaline syringes should I carry?

    Carry no more than one medkit and one adrenaline syringe to optimize space in your backpack.

  3. What is the ideal number of first aid kits and bandages to carry?

    Four to five first aid kits and five to ten bandages should be sufficient for most situations.

  4. How should I manage my ammunition?

    Carry enough ammunition for your needs, but avoid overloading your bag. Adjust the auto pickup settings to suit your playstyle and weapon preferences.

  5. What is the recommended number of throwables to carry?

    Carry at least three grenades, three smokes, and one Molotov cocktail. Increase these numbers if you have a level three backpack.

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