Identify the different SEO Scams

As a web developer myself, we talk a lot about listing your website on search engine and get found by visitors. That is the main goal of Internet marketing. Before you read any further, please notice that I’m not trying to tell you not to bother with any websites companies that provide SEO services except us, or trying to sell you anything. I wrote this because I want to share it with you and keep SEO services in good practice.

Avoid SEO Scams

  1. Bad Key Phrases or probably made up

The major goal on SEO service is to get ranking on search engines for a particular phrase that people actually search on. An obvious SEO scam might make up a very bad list that very easy to get ranked. It is because those key phrases are no one actually searches on it. As a result, it has no competition at all.
If the SEO service provider cannot show you the key phrases that are relatively common, do not hire them. A good key phrase should not more than three words and should not include company name.


Link building is one of the task that needs to help your website ranking rise in search engine. But for those who build links randomly or using some automated method to build links everywhere is waste of time. A back link come from a website not have no content or totally unrelated content is useless. It will not help your website ranking or even seen by the search engine as spamming in worst case scenario.

It is not a scam way but it is not worth for money. Some companies that can help you to create articles on their hosted website about your business and put your link within the articles. Therefore, it drives visitors and get back links to your website. You pay them with monthly fee to have your link stays up. What if you decided refuse to pay one day? They will probably takes out all the contents that you tell them to create or the worst case probably get your competitors and offer them the same services. Replace with your competitors website links and generate traffic to them.

If you are thinking to get SEO services for your site, Do a research first or give them a call and do a comparison yourself. Of course, if you don’t know what SEO services are or do not want to bother with shopping around different companies than Delhi Training Courses also provides affordable SEO Services in Delhi.

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