How to Write Stanford Essays Professionally

How to Write Stanford Essays Professionally

If you want to get enrolled at Stanford and become one of those lucky students, you need to master essay writing. Your application consists of several elements, and the essay is one of the most essential parts. It isn’t a simple paper that you can write on the go. You need to carefully think over the content, prepare the examples, research a lot, and come up with a structured document in the end. You can find a website that writes essays for you. For example, will perfectly cope with the task and offers professional essay writing service. Or you can read the article and learn secret tips to impress the admissions board, distinguish yourself from other applicants, and get satisfying results. Let’s get started with Stanford essay writing tips for successful enrollment.

Stanford Essays: What Are They?

Why is it so difficult for some students to work on the application process? One of the reasons is the number of essays the commission is waiting for. The university requests you to manage 4 essays. It isn’t the easiest task for the applicants.

In the essays, you will point your attention to the prompts provided by either Coalition Application, or Common Application. The choice depends on the structure you apply to. These prompts are important for the writer because they enable the students to reveal their potential, demonstrate interest and motivation, show their knowledge and qualifications. So, you should thoroughly read through them and know how to work with them. There are also some Stanford essay questions you need to respond to.

Stanford Essays Prompts

When writing an essay, you should pay special attention to the prompts provided to the applicants. In the essays, you will touch upon each of the questions. You may see the following prompts in various variations for your year of application:

  • Stanford is deeply in favor of out-of-classroom learning procedures. We are curious about studying new things. Do you share the same values? Tell us about your experience.
  • You will most likely live on campus with other students. Create a letter to your potential roommate to introduce yourself. Tell us some interesting information to let us know you better.
  • What plays a crucial role in your life? Tell us about it and explain why.

These are the prompts that you’ll need to work on. In the next paragraph, we’ll discuss each question and reveal useful tips to answer correctly.

Prompt 1: Tips to Cope With the First Question

By reading the prompt, you understand that the community of Stanford University is interested in your personality, approach to studying, and curiosity about the learning process. The issue is quite broad. You need to cover several aspects or indicate a few specific examples to interest the committee. But don’t be loose in your writing. Your task is to provide clear, concise examples to illustrate your motivation. Remember, that you can’t exceed the number of words for each prompt.

Choose the example and explain how the situation affected you positively. You can talk about the latest trip, book, scientific article, or even a conversation with a stranger. If you choose relevant arguments to prove your curiosity about learning, you will satisfy the board.

Prompt 2: Tips to Cope With the Second Question

The second question is a stable issue for the application process. You won’t be able to avoid this topic. Here, the answer has to be more informal. You should remember that the roommate will be of your age. So, using high language with sophisticated vocabulary would be inappropriate.

Tell more about your personality, dig deeper into your professional goals. Don’t forget to tell about your character traits, preferences, or disfavor. Using common phrases or general notions isn’t a good idea. The committee wants to know what you’re interested in. In the second question, you can put some light on your surroundings, people who supported you or played an important role in your upbringing.

Prompt 3: Tips to Cope With the Third Question

The first two questions were more or less connected to the context. But the last one is very broad. You can touch upon any issue you’re concerned about. The committee doesn’t limit you to specific personal or professional background information. You can choose any situation, event, person, or object that makes sense to you. If it is really meaningful and contributed to your personal growth, make sure to dwell on the topic.

Some students decide to tell the story about their parents or family members who supported them on their way to academic success. Others choose less personal topics and discuss some events from their school life. You can also touch upon various challenges you met and how you overcame them. The secret here is to be sincere about your writing. The committee will get it if you write from the heart.

Need Help?

Writing Stanford essays can be tiresome. It requires time, diligence, and hard work on the papers. Not every student is ready to submit the essays written on their own without thorough preparation. What should you do then if you need help? Online services for Stanford essays writing is the answer. You will receive professional assistance from the experts who know the rules and norms for a successful application writing process. Using implausible facts to impress the readers is an unwinnable strategy.


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