How to win solo vs squad in Free Fire

How to win solo vs squad in Free Fire

The game of Garena free fire has a huge fan base. This game has been recently made its success in the gaming world. Many known players have already started exploring this game and have given various option regarding that. Apart from this, there are plenty of videos available on different online sites in which player stream this very game while playing and suggest some useful tips that can be utilized by young minds. The Garena free fire has a ranked mode which has mainly resulted in many of the exemplary solo players performing excellent in the game and then taking it whole to a different fan level only. Well, I would not say that all the players out there are good in this game playing it solo and this has many times resulted in creating a wholly wrong impression to the players that they can eliminate the whole squad by themselves only.

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This wrong impression makes them opt for some exception due to which they die early in the game. Winning solo vs, a squad game is something that comes out of an upskill and of course significant practice as a whole. Well, I would not say that this is an impossible task as many known players with great practice, skills, tactics and much more has done this many times. As in this game, the choice is given many players prefer to play alone rather than in a squad as there may some cooperation issues when you play with a team and all would not agree to play as per the instruction provided as a whole the game would be lost. In this article, we are going to discuss a topic which is been searched multiple times on the web that how one can win a solo vs squad in the game of free fire. So, let’s find the answer. But before that let look at the advantage and disadvantage of playing solo in this game of free fire.

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Advantages of playing solo in Garena free fire:

  1. As you are alone there would be less dependency on teammates
  2. One can play his best tactics without any kind of worry about the teammates around
  3. Troll or AFK mutually doesn’t matter at all. 

Disadvantages of playing solo in Garena free fire:

  1. As you are playing alone there is no communication as a whole
  2. There is not even any kind of synergetic characters
  3. On whole there are no second opinions on any kind of decision

Now let’s see the tips that can help one to win solo vs squad in the Free Fire game:

#1. Be aggressive:

It has been seen that most of the free-fire players are aggressive one on one and this has acted as the advantage in most cases too. By being aggressive we tend to mean that the player keeps on shooting as well as moving strategically. This thing is even considered as one of the best way players can win a match within a free fire game.

#2. Cornet your enemy:

The next tactic is not a new one but doing this takes a lot of practice for sure. As to corner, your enemy one should a great skill to execute the made plan and that too in proper timing as well. So, if you are an aggressive player then your skill will hurt the player forcing him or her to heal and that is the time you can attack. This will make the game lean towards you within seconds.

#3. Always choose a close-range weapon:

Be intelligent as well as sharp within a game is the most important thing a player must take care of. In such a situation choosing a weapon is often termed as a skill without which no player can succeed and I would not neglect this saying as it’s true for sure. As most of the one-on-one matches are short-range and if in that case, you are not having a fully-fledged weapon then you are certainly in a situation that is filled with disadvantage. In this case, a shotgun is a great choice to make.

#4. Make use of gloo wall as well as fragmented grenades:

Many one-on-one battles in this game are defined by the use of grenades. These weapons are super useful as with them you can easily bombard your opponent. This will prevent him from moving without any sort of freedom at all blocking all his paths at the same time. If the enemy tries to run away you can just shoot him. Also known that gloo wall grenades are of great use in the open field. With the use of this one can protect himself easily.

#5. Shoot the opponent before he comes out:

If you are already aware of the position where your enemy is hiding then it’s bingo. Now the important thing that you must do is to think of the possible places from where he could come out. Guess and shoot should be your plan to follow each time you make this thing happen. Waiting for the right moment without giving a sign is the main skill a player can show in such situations.  


All the points mentioned above will surely help you out if properly followed. I hope the information shared above was useful.


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