How to View Expired Stories on Instagram

How to View Expired Stories on Instagram

The use of Instagram has become quite common nowadays. There would only be a few people who are not using this app. There are a lot of features within the Instagram app that makes it quite popular mainly within the teenage group a lot of these features is meant for socializing mainly by sharing a post or by putting stories. Taking about Instagram stories nowadays it’s common to share everyone you do through stories this in recent times has become a trend which each one of us has at least tried once. Most of us already know the basic things that are kind of required to use this very app but there are certain hidden things we are not aware of. Well, let me start from the very basic now Instagram stories in real are just temporary posts that remain on your profile for 24 hours and then just vanish. Now in here the main question which is been asked by a lot of people is how can someone able to see old stories of someone else. Well in today’s article the whole discussion covers the procedure to do so. So, if you are someone who is behind this answer for a long time then kindly do read the article till the very end.

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Now the first question here is why anyone would require to see the old stories on the Instagram platform. Well, this is quite an easy thing as sometimes we put photos on the story on your Instagram page a bit later, we just by mistake delete those photos from your gallery and then the best possible source through which those photos can be obtained is by revisiting your story and then downloaded or simply taking the screenshots from there. One more thing to be added here is since you have been consistent on the Instagram platform and through this, it grows consistently. Getting the photos from this method is kind of easy as many times you have to repost your stories just a reminder celebration of a particular event.

There is no doubt that Instagram stories are one of the most important featured been offered as well as used by a large group of people worldwide. Almost every day millions of users share their stories with their followers to inform them what is going on in their lives recently and this thing is quite common in use. This simply attracts attention but due to the limitation of time, many people are not exactly happy. The main question is been answered below.

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How to recover the old Instagram Stories?

For this thing, the first thing the user needs to do is to enable a simple setting to view the story even after 24 hours of limited time. After the option is been activated all your 24 hours Instagram will be automatically stored in the achieved folder.   

From here the user can view as well as share the story again on Instagram. To configure it and view it again kindly follow the steps written below.

Step 1: Go to the Instagram Profile page

This is the first thing to do. For this open, the Instagram app installed on your respective device and then click on the profile icon present at the bottom right corner of your screen. After this go to step 2.

Step 2: Find story setting option

Now within the Instagram profile page, you can find the three vertical dots located at the top right side of the app. And then select the menu from there.

In the menu, you will be able to find the various setting option available. From there you can select the option to story setting which lies below the account section.

Step 3: Find save to achieve option:

The story setting available on Instagram has various options that can be used to customized Instagram story features. To view the Instagram stories, you must slide the icon at the right to the option of “Save to Achieve”.

Step 4: View the Instagram stories on the Achieve folder:

Once the above step is completed, we can see our Instagram story files. For this, you are required to place yourself on your home screen at the account and then you are required to click on the icon of the clock located at the top of the app. Through Instagram achieve you can hide the stories, photos from almost anyone without actually permanently deleting them. After some time, you can see the old stories appearing in the folder on their own. Just click each of them to see them.

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This is the simplest way you will be able to see your old stories without doing much of a hassle. There are only a few steps required to be followed properly.  


I hope the information been shared above will be quite beneficial to all my readers.


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