How to use the PUBG Mobile Redemption centre

Almost everyone among us is aware of the game of PUBG and how gamers are crazy about this very game. This can be termed as one of the most played game worldwide which has managed to build a strong fan base within a short duration of time. But apart from this, there are few things which many new players in the game are not aware of. The game is full of amazing features but without knowing about the method none of the players will be able to use it. The game of PUBG may be popular but with that, it’s expensive too as many players are spending a lot of real money to purchase many in-game premium products such as PUBG UC, Royal Pass, Premium crates, various vehicles as well as skins.

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But these are too expensive to afford by a normal player who mostly prefers not to spend money on games. In simple words, all PUBG players cannot afford these premium products. So, after considering this situation of players the Tencent company of PUBG mobile has launched an amazing alternative that can be used. This method is known as the PUBG redemption centre often called as PUBG mobile reward centre.

In this redemption centre, you are required to use PUBG mobile vouchers and then one can achieve all these premium products for free. The link to this redemption centre is visible on the official site of PUBG mobile. This redemption centre was launched back in 2019 and from that time its use has increased a lot. Player prefer this option as the whole concept behind this alternative is to provided players with a good experience without actually spending money. One more idea here is to gift the players some paid accessories for free. You are just required to redeem PUBG vouchers that you have in this redemption centre so that you can claim free rewards from time to time. An official description of this PUBG redemption centre can be that it is an official web page launched by PUBG to offer PUBG premium items for free without spending UC. The only need is of PUBG voucher. I am attaching the link below. One can refer to it from there.

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Weblink of PUBG redemption center:

So, there is one question a new player can ask that what is a redeem code in PUBG. Well, the answer is quite simple. These are like a coupon code consisting of numbers as well alphabets entering which is redemption centre mainly offer you some rewards. Getting hold of these codes of PUBG Mobile is a bit hard as this is not simply available like other not so popular games present online. Also, the player must ensure to use it without letting it expire. Because after that it’s of no use. The other popular question is how one can get hold of the vouchers required for this process. The exact answer here is not possible. PUBG mainly offers this kind of vouchers mostly before any new upcoming events or season. The voucher however is only limited for a certain amount of time. One can found these vouchers on PUBG social sites, blogs and another popular forum as well. You can use google search to get it easily. The voucher is available for free without any charge implemented. That is the reason it served on a first come first basis. After getting the voucher you must use it in the PUBG redemption centre. I have listed down few steps that can help you get an idea of how PUBG vouchers are used. Let’s see the step one by one. To claim a PUBG voucher in the redemption centre is quite easy if properly done. 

  1. At first kindly copy, the code mentioned on the voucher
  2. After this, you are required to open the PUBG mobile redemption page
  3. As of now, you will be able to find a three-filling box from the reward page. This is important
  4. It would have some boxes maintained to fill details such as in the first box you are required to fill the character ID followed by typing the name you have in the PUBG game.
  5. In the second box, all you have to fill in is the voucher code.
  6. In the third box, there would be a simple representation to add the verification code. This is nothing but the characters mentioned on the right side
  7. After this match the captcha
  8. All you need to do now is to click the redeem button
  9. After this, the voucher will be successfully activated and within some time you will achieve the reward items on your PUBG game profile.
  10. You are required to open the PUBG mobile game and then proceed to the mail section
  11. After this click on the option of collecting all the items
  12. Now you can use the item accordingly

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All the mentioned above should be followed precisely without missing any of the one mentioned. I hope the information mentioned here was useful to my readers.

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