How to use Shopify for Dropshipping

Several people have entered the e-commerce market in the past few years. As we have entered the sphere there is no time, money or space as the manufacturer, the store is available with us. Starting the business from the scratch is great but starting everything on your own and that too from the scratch is kind of expensive. This simply refers to the manufacturing of all products, storing them and then delivering them to the location being shared by the customers. I am sure that many of you can easily relate to this well if you can then you must know that the best solution regarding that is dropshipping.

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This business model is no less than a wonder solution there are few tricks adopted by this model that eliminate all the other headache-related to online marketing. In this way, the online store can be easily run. With the use of this method, business owners can completely forget about all the related hassles that are directly or indirectly related to setting up an online business. The online thing that is here required is an attractive website. Apart from this the Shopify app can be used inexpensively and can send the product to all the potential customers around the globe. As of now, we are aware of the topic that is going to be discussed in the game which is how can Shopify be used for Dropshipping.

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Let us see the step-by-step guide on how it is done. But before that we must understand what does dropshipping mean and how does it work. For using the method, the initial requirement is to have an online running site. After done will the product decision and content creation of the website then comes the time when dropshipping takes place. This mainly comprises of contacting with other important dealers, customization of site, packaging and of course the most important thing in here is the packaging. When you are handling a business then all other sides jobs are quite time-consuming. This happens to most of the business owners who are just a beginner and does not have enough people to handle different department all together so to avoid all type of hassle or I can simply say confusion this method of dropshipping is one of the best in use. Now I guess many people reading this article has already been aware of the dropshipping working pattern and regarding that, you must already come across the e-commerce giant that is none other than Shopify. This platform is quite popular among merchants for the past few years. This is mainly due to some of the reasons such as. The drop shipper used here is quite friendly to work with. There are plenty of dropshipping services available such as printful, spocket and dropped. The second is one can register multiple users in there without a second thought. The third thing is there are plenty of easy-to-use tools which comprises of many features in it. The fourth thing would be bosting up an intuitive interface.

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Let’s see the steps involved in using the platform:

  1. The first thing to do is to set up a Shopify account. This method is quite easy. Just go to the official website and in there click on the set-up button present on the home page. This is quite a possibility that the website will ask you fill up some general details plus to answer some usual question before entering you inside. Once you are done it will redirect you to the backend of the website within seconds. In there you can experience various free themes as well the premium themes.
  2. The second thing that should be done is add up the products. So just start it by choosing the theme of your choice and then entering the web domain name of your website. And soon after that, you can start adding the details of the product your business sells or the type of service that the business provides.
  3. Some details are required to be provided such as an item on the scale, product size and even the colours available in stock. Apart from this the collection detail should also be mentioned.
  4. After this, you are eligible to use various websites that is been designed by Shopify for the process of dropshipping only. Such website comprises of oberlo, printful, spocket. All these three websites are secure and are in wide use nowadays. Several famous marketers have been running their business for the past few years using all these available websites. The cost is affordable that is not a fact of concern for few months until you set up the initial things.


The process of dropshipping has become quite famous nowadays. This is the reason why the small business owners have also started with the practice. I hope all the information provided above are of use.

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