How to Unlock Characters in PUBG for Free

How to Unlock Characters in PUBG for Free

PUBG is a worldwide famous game. People of every age are just crazy after the game. PUBG owners also update the game from time to time so as the player takes a full interest in the game. Every time the updates bring new characters and many new things to the game.  Every character of PUBG mobile has special features. These characters give a boost to the whole game. While players are enjoying the updates, new characters are stealing the hearts of all mobile gamers. New characters are deadly and look very stylish and damn cool. Everyone wants to get a grip on the characters. Many players around the globe purchase the new characters at affordable prices but many of them want to grab the characters for free. But the main question that comes here is how to unlock the characters in PUBG for free?

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So here is all the information about the game and how to unlock the characters for free?

At first, given below is the list of all PUBG characters which are launched in 2021.

List of All PUBG Character of 2021                

PUBG character listCharacter price

In the PUBG mobile game, players can select one character from the given four different special characters. A couple of the characters need a character voucher or UC while you have got to get other special characters. In this amazing content, you will get the chance to know the best characters in the PUBG mobile and various ways to unlock them.

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The first popular character which was launched by PUBG in 2021 is Victor. This character is surprisingly very amazing and is available free for all the PUBG mobile players. Every character in PUBG comes with a special ability so as in the case of Victor too, the specialty of Victor’s character is its firearm expertise to scale back the general reloading time whenever A user wields a machine gun. The special ability of the character is that it reduces the reloading time of SMG by about 4% and eventually it goes to 5.5%. Victor reduces the reload time in SMG to a maximum of 10%. This character also has three different upgraded outfits when it reaches level 9. The upgraded outfits are Legendary Conquest, Alloy Armor, and Scorching Armor.

How to unlock Victor character

If you want to unlock the Victor character for free then simply just click on the tab highlighting workshops and then select the character. When you do so, you will find Victor appearing on your device screen with all its description like is his story, skill, emote, voices and outfits.

#2. Carlo

Carlo is the next character that PUBG mobile introduced in the year 2021. The Carlo character is simply good-looking and has an excellent outfit and fabulous hairstyle. In addition to this Carlo also has a special ability to reduce the fall damage by 24% especially when you upgrade it to level 9.

How to unlock Carlo character

Well, as mentioned in the PUBG mobile game, you have to pay a price of 1200 UC or a character voucher to get a  Carlo character voucher but the interesting thing here is, you may get it for free, by just following the simple steps given below:

  • You have to go to the Events section to view the Event mission. On the event’s mission you have to complete different missions to collect free rewards.
  • once you succeed together with the specified number of character vouchers then you should visit the workshop to click on the Carlo character.
  • No, just click on the unlock option, and finally you have got the Carlo character.

#3. Sara           

It is interesting to know that Sarah is a single female character in the pub mobile game. The special ability of this character is to enhance the durability of a vehicle. The upgraded version of Sara will increase the durability of vehicles up to 10%.

How to unlock Sara  character

Unlocking Sara for free is a little bit difficult, you have to use 600 different character vouchers available for free Are you have to spend 600 you see to unlock the Sarah character.

#4. Andy         

Andy is the latest edition character in the PUBG latest version. The special character of Andy is that it can enhance the gun drawing as well as putting away speed up to 16% when you upgrade it fully.

How to unlock Andy character

If you want to unlock Andy’s character then you have to pay 1200 character vouchers to 1200UC. However, if you want to unlock Andy for free then you must participate in the Andy character launch event. To get the Andy character for free then follow some simple steps to unlock Andy:

  • First you have to open your PUBG MOBILE game on your device
  • Visit the puppet show event of the Andy character.
  • Now you have to tap on the puppet show option and you will get free character vouchers.
  • You have to collect a total of 60 character vouchers to get the free  Andy character.


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