How to top-up Free Fire diamonds using the Game Kharido platform

We all are aware of the fact that the craze of multiplayer games is increasing day by day. There are several popular multiplayer games present in the market such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty that has managed to win the hearts of millions of users in the past few years but as soon the time is moving forward few other games are trying to make their entry in the gaming industry with all the potential they have. One such game which started making a huge impact on many players after PUBG was banned in India is known as Free Fire. The players switched to this game after the so-called ban. Yes, this would not be wrong to say that many games got their hike after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile game but this how the gaming world works. Now as the game of Free Fire got its hike the game managed to increase its audience to a large scale and within a year the game has flipped the list of popular games and made the entry within. The reason is the less demand the free fire ask from its users. As we know that many of us do not have an expensive mobile and for this game there is no requirement of a high-performance device as well an expensive screen that could probably play FF.

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That is one of the few reasons out there due to which the game of Free Fire has such a larger audience. As most of us are already aware that if the player wants to purchase anything within the free fire game, then for that he or she must use FF which the in-game currency of the free fire game. Now talking about the things that are present within the Free Fire game which is various types of weapon skins, parachutes and many festival packs are also there. However, all these items can be achieved only after paying money. As the player needs to buy everything in here with the use of the diamonds present in the game. Now how can these diamonds be achieved well the answer is quite simple that the FF diamonds are required to be bought by the players using real money. Well, this sound quite simple but many players do not prefer to pay as much money as asked within the game and thus always look for sites where some amount can be reduced or at least they can get either cash back or exciting offers. For this purpose, there are several websites present on the web that players can use but among all these websites the Game Karido is considered as the best. This is a highly trusted as well amazing website powered by Garena which makes it the official top-up website of the Free Fire game designed for the player’s comfort. Till now you must already get the topic that we are going to discuss in today’s article which is how can a player top-up free fire diamonds within the game using the game karido platform. So, if you in search of the correct procedure then kindly do read further. 

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What is Game Karido?

Game Karido is nothing but an official diamond top-up platform launched by Garena company mainly for their free fire game. This platform is quite amazing as the player is allowed to avail the benefit of purchasing diamonds of around 100% bonus over the top-up for the game of Free Fire. This is possible because the game of free fire and game karido has both made a collaborated scheme of getting the maximum diamonds through the use of the top-up bonus. However, this offer has a limitation that it is only valid to the first-time user thus the user will not achieve any kind of benefit if he or she uses the game karido platform for the second or third time. But still, people prefer to use this very platform because the diamond offered for the first time is quite a good deal. There are certain top-up plans that the players can choose from. Let’s have a look at that so-called top-up list.

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  1. 40 = Diamond × 50 + Bonus 50
  2. 80 = Diamond × 100 + Bonus 100
  3. 240 = Diamond × 310 + Bonus 310
  4. 400 = Diamond × 520 + Bonus 520
  5. 800 = Diamond × 1,060 + Bonus 1,060
  6. 1,600 = Diamond × 2,180 + Bonus 2,180
  7. 4,000 = Diamond × 5,600 + Bonus 5,600

Now moving further let’s have a look at how can the player use the Game Karido platform:

  1. The first thing that you are required to do is to visit the official site of the game karido. The link is attached below
  2. Link:
  3. After this, a pop-up will appear on your screen kindly cancel it
  4. Now you are required to select the Free Fire game option
  5. Soon after this, you have to complete the process of log-in using your Free Fire ID or the linked Facebook account and password
  6. After this select the top-up plan and proceed for the payment for which you have several options available such as UPI, Paytm etc.
  7. Wait for the payment to get confirmed and then go to your game and check for the diamond top-up.
  8. This may take some time kindly have patience

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I hope the information shared above will be quite beneficial to all my readers out there. 

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