How to top-up Free Fire diamonds from Codashop?

The game Free Fire is becoming more and more popular with time and in this way the developer of this game always tries to add something new. In such a manner they ensure that all the player linked to the game will not get bored and will stick to the game for a long period. Adding numerous attractions and all amazing alluring cosmetic items in the game is something that can be termed as a regular practice. However, the purchase has to be done using the diamonds only in any case. The diamond that is been used within the game is bought using real money. Not all the player who is need of the diamond-like the idea of investing money. All users wishing to obtain various exclusive items that can be used in their game. This the main reason why they always search for many ways that can be used to acquire this so-called diamond used as a bonus in the game. As if you have the diamonds, you can almost have anything you wish within the game. Well, there are many ways through which this thing can be done. One such method is to top up using the codashop website. In this article, we are going to see step up step process that how the top-up of the diamond can be done from the website codashop for the free fire games. So, if you are someone who is looking for the answer to the above topic kindly continue to read.

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Let’s first try to understand what is codashop website and how does it work. The codashop website can be termed as one of the most trusted and widely used top up websites to date. Millions of users use this website in their day-to-day life. Player across the world uses it without having any second doubt. Mostly this is used to purchase various game currencies without facing any complete process in between. Inhere the user are not required to register or login to the platform of codashop. The player ID can be used however to purchase the diamond. There are many offers available on this very website which helps the player to get all type of better deals. You are just required to follow the steps without skipping anyone in between. In such a manner you will be able to purchase the diamond via the codashop website.

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Steps to Get Free Fire diamonds from Codashop

Let’s now get started with all the steps:

  1. The first thing to do here is to visit the official site of codashop. This can be done using the link been provided below:

Official website link:

  • The next thing to do is to tap on the free fire option just available on the home page of the codashop website. In there you are required to enter the player ID in the available text field in the space available.
  • As you click in there several top-up options will start appearing in front of you. In there you are required to choose the required number of diamonds that you need. The chargeable amount will be just mentioned on the right side of the option you have chosen.
  • The options selected will be started to be reflected in the user’s account as soon as the payment is being completed. However, with time there are several options available through which the payment can be done. Three payment options that are been used mostly are Paytm, UPI and Net banking. The platform is secure so there is nothing the user should be worried about. 
  • There are several top-up options available. Some of the popular ones I am mentioning below kindly have a look at:
  1. With INR 40 about 50 diamonds can be purchased
  2. With INR 80 about 100 diamonds can be purchased
  3. With INR 240 about 310 diamonds can be purchased
  4. With INR 400 about 520 diamonds can be purchased
  5. With INR 800 about 1060 diamonds can be purchased
  6. With INR 1600 about 2180 diamonds can be purchased
  7. With INR 4000 about 5600 diamonds can be purchased

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Many known players opt for this platform to obtain the diamond as per the requirement. In addition to that codashop has several offers available with which the amount is being reduced to a very low level. The reason for better deals is the most attractive thing on this website. The diamond can be avail at a 30% less rate than the price which is mentioned in the game. It is however simple applicability and the availability will be in there 24/7. This thing makes the option a worthy choice.


Various other techniques are available to top up the diamond in the free fire game. In-game options are available. In this method, the diamond can be directly bought from the website. The price is a little bit high in comparison to the top-up website available. I hope the above-written information was helpful. 

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