How to stream PUBG mobile on YouTube from PC

How to stream PUBG mobile on YouTube from PC


On a mobile device, Streamlabs is one of the best available applications for streaming. Streamlabs allows you to broadcast on YouTube or Twitch.

It’s a feature-rich app that lets you use your microphone, something that many other apps can’t do. Streamlabs has a number of options for customising the layout and adding widgets such as chat and notifications.

Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is a free app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. The Omlet Arcade allows you to stream on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

It has a useful feature called stream delay that prevents stream sniping. The only drawback to using this app is that you can’t record in-game audio if you have your earphones in.

One disadvantage of using the aforementioned applications is that the stream may not be as smooth as it is on a PC or laptop. Apart from these apps, there are a variety of other streaming apps available.

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Using a PC or laptop to stream PUBG Mobile

Elgato capture cards are a better way to stream PUBG Mobile with a PC, but they’re expensive, and not every YouTuber can afford them.

A player can stream using OBS and screencasting instead of a capture card. The player will need two splitters: two male to one female splitters and one male to two female splitters. Elgato capture cards make the stream a little smoother as a load of streaming is transferred to a PC or laptop, despite the fact that they appear to be difficult to use.

You can learn more about how to stream on a PC or laptop by watching this video. Using the LAN streaming option, you can also use the stream lab application with the OBS.

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Details on the PUBG Mobile Live Stream

A player must first download the YouTube Gaming app from their app store in order to live stream PUBG Mobile. If you have an Android device, go to the Google Play Store to download the YouTube Gaming app, and if you have an iPhone, go to the iOS app store to download it.

  • Open the YouTube Gaming app after it has been installed.
  • Now press the Start button.
  • Select an account that also serves as your YouTube account.
  • Then, at the top, tap the Up-arrow button, which will reveal a Mobile Capture option. ‘Next’ should be tapped.
  • You’ll now have two options: one for live streaming and the other for recording the game before uploading.
  • You can also choose between 720P HD and 480P SD video formats.
  • After you’ve made your decision, tap ‘Next.’
  • After reading the tips provided by the app, tap ‘Next’ to proceed.
  • Now you must provide streaming information, such as the game you want to play, the video’s title, and so on.
  • Allow all of the app’s required permissions at this point.
  • Now, on the pop-up, tap ‘Start.’ You can now begin playing the game while simultaneously streaming it live on YouTube.

Some More Information about PUBG

PUBG Mobile, a multiplayer game, has surpassed all expectations in terms of popularity, and it’s easy to see why. The game has properly optimized graphics, allowing it to run on phones with lower-tier processors, a dedicated in-game audio channel for team communication, and, most importantly, extremely engaging gameplay that has drew in millions of players. Not only do people enjoy playing it, but they also enjoy watching others play it.

PUBG was first released for Microsoft Windows in March 2017 as part of Steam’s early access beta programme, with a full release following in December 2017.

In 2018, PUBG Mobile, a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS, as well as a PlayStation 4 port, were released. In April 2020, a version for the Stadia streaming platform was released. PUBG is one of the most popular, best-selling, and highest-grossing video games of all time. As of 2020, the game had sold over 70 million copies on PCs and consoles, with PUBG Mobile having accumulated 1 billion downloads as of March 2021.


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