How to Secure Your WordPress with Best WP Security Plugins

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform among the bloggers, and web masters. WordPress rapidly over takes other CMS tools that have been used before its arrival in the market. WordPress is famous for its good approach on the most basics of web and user friendly customization that allows anyone to make it work for him. It allows any beginner to easily mod it according to his requirements with a little use of third party plugins.

Users from around world use it now for their professional & educational projects, as it provides an easy hand of debugging, designing, and customization to users without any requirement of coding. With the rise of its popularity among the users, and web masters, it has also gained the value in the spammer’s and hacker’s community. On the daily purpose, I come to hear that some of my fellow blogger lost his blog rights because of a hacker attack or some kind of massive spamming attack, which makes it server blow. However, the attacks from hackers now become the daily routine of web masters with heavy blogs, and websites on the internet, but it becomes a big pain for the technical noobs who don’t know much about WordPress and its core settings but still running big websites on the internet.

Therefore, earlier this week, I decided to compile a list of plugins, and methods that I use to make my blog secure on internet, and openly claims that my websites are secured in the cyber world (well, nothing is secured here! Some expert hackers can still get their hands into the secure areas, but these security measures at least prevent the beginner hackers from playing with your websites.) There is the list of 5 Plugins To Secure Your WordPress and Makes it security bulletproof.

Limit Login:

This is one of my favorite plugin of WordPress that actually provides me secure hand over my WordPress login section. It prevents number of attacks on the login section such as the dictionary attacks, and the random password guessing by a hacker. It completely locks down your login section, and if someone tries to play with security, it places temporary ban (according to your settings), and as well as inform you via email.

Hide Login:

Hide Login is a utility WordPress plugin that allow WordPress web-masters to easily hide their basic WordPress installation login, and admin pages with changing default URL address of the pages. Actually, the popularity of WordPress reveals its very basic admin control panel to all, and the hackers easily guess the website core system with digging into login, and admin section with use of URL schemes such as “”. However, this plugin will allow you to change the default login address to something else to avoid hacking attacks on your blogs.

WP Security Scan:

It is a very similar to the antivirus programs on the computer, it surveys your website directories, and gives you a complete overview of directories with suitable suggestion to make them secure from the hackers attack. It warns you on wrong file permissions of the folders, weak security over database, WordPress core, and etc.

Antivirus for WordPress:

It easily detects variety of viruses, worms, and malwares from your WordPress files, especially the plugins and themes that comes with serious kind of links, and files that allow hackers to remotely access your websites.


It is another good plugin to protect your WordPress website. It easily takes backups of your WordPress databases, and sends the backup files to web masters. It doesn’t only backups your files; it also allows you to tweak your WordPress tables to speed up your website.

I hope these plugins will help you in securing your WordPress blog / website. I have been using these plugins from a very long time to secure and maintain my blog.


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