How to Register a free Domain from Freenom

How to Register a free Domain from Freenom

What exactly Freenom is?

Freenom is the first and only free domain registration service in the world. Freenom makes it simple to launch a website by combining a free domain with cutting-edge website building technologies and allowing you to choose your hosting provider.

Difference between a domain name and a website address

The name of your website is called a domain name. A domain name is a part of your URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which is essentially your website’s address on the internet.

  • is the URL for your website.
  • is the domain name.

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A unique IP address is assigned to each website.

Websites, like personal computers, have an IP address, which is a numerical label that is assigned to a device to address it. Google’s IP address is, for instance. If you type it into the search bar, it will bring you to Google’s home page.

IP addresses are difficult to remember for humans. As a result, to make a website more humane, we assign it a domain name.

A Domain Name’s Components

The second-level domain (SLD) and the top-level domain (TLD) are the two parts of a domain name (TLD). The name of your website is the second-level domain, while the domain extension is the top-level domain. The SLD is defined as everything after the dot.

Take the website as an example.

  •  SLD (website’s name): Google
  • .com is the top-level domain (TLD).

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What is the significance of a domain name?

Your company’s digital presence is almost as important as its physical presence. With the rise of e-commerce, having a strong online presence has become more important than ever. Your online brand identity is represented by your domain name. It’s critical that it’s straightforward and simple to use.

It serves as an online representation of your company.

Your domain name is an opportunity for you to build your online brand. A memorable domain name will linger in the mind of the user and it also increases brand recognition.

It’s your First Impression, so make the best of it.

We are all know that first impressions is very important. In the best-case scenario, visitors will ignore the domain name because it is too long or difficult to read. In the worst-case scenario, it may drive visitors away, which we certainly do not want!

It Aids in Brand Recognition

How to Register a free Domain from Freenom

A memorable and unique domain name can reveal a great deal about your company to visitors. Including relevant keywords in your domain name creates a lasting impression and helps visitors understand your brand better.

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Given below are the steps to register for a domain name on freenom for free:

In just six simple steps, you can register a domain name with Freenom.

First, you must complete the following steps. Visit the Freenom website.

Step1: Visit to learn more about Freenom. It will take you to the Freenom website’s home page.

Step 2: Enter your domain name.

On the home page, there’s a search bar with a field that says “Find a FREE domain.” Click ‘Check Availability’ after typing in your domain name.

A memorable and unique domain name can reveal a great deal about your company to visitors. Relevant keywords in your domain name also leave a lasting impression on visitors and help them understand your brand better.

Allow the name of your company to speak for itself. (However, don’t push yourself too hard!)

Step 3: Determine if there are any openings.

Freenom will generate a list of both free and paid domains for you. The free domain names do not have extension, but they do have five different types of extensions: tk,.ml,ga, cf, and. gq. To see if the domain name you want is available, click on the ‘Get it Now button.

When you visit a website and notice unusual domain extensions such, your first instinct is to avoid it. I’m well aware of this! A domain extension such allows your website’s visitors to proceed with confidence.

Step 4: Complete the checkout process

If the domain name you want is available, click ‘Select’ and then ‘Checkout.’

You will have the option of using DNS or forwarding the domain (Domain Name Service). Additionally, select the period for which you want to register the domain name from the dropdown menu under ‘Period.’

Now you might notice something perplexing here as well!

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Free registration for the first 12 months and $9.95 for the first year

That is perplexing. However, for this tutorial, we’ll simply use the 12-month option.

Step 5: Register for a Username and Password

To proceed to the next step, enter your email address and click the ‘Verify My Email Address button. If you’ve already registered, click ‘Click here to log in and finish the domain registration process with your existing account.

The listed above thing you have to do in order to get a free domain name from freenom.


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