How to play the new Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire

How to play the new Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire

The free Fire game has managed to gain a lot of popularity in past one year and there are tons of reason for the level it has today. The game is known for its amazing in-game feature that is been updated from time to time. All the features in this game are having an exceptional touch which as a whole makes the players play more. It has been a regular effort been put by the game developers in making this game stand out as before a year there were only a few players who enjoy this game as many others were not even aware of the game’s existence which is kind of sad. But the picture of downloads is now showcasing a whole new situation. Several videos are being put on famous sites like YouTube about the free fire game in which famous players with good support of subscribers are giving the review, tips on this very game. If all together we see why the game is so famous then the only answer that will arrive in our mind is the different mode that is been introduced from time to time in the game making the players try it.

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What is new Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire?

The concept of gameplay, plot, accessories, characters add a different kind of bonus various types of modes been introduced. This that regard garena has recently added a whole new game mode in the advanced server free fire game known as the pet rumble mode. The new game mode is kind of inspired by the popular mobile game that caught everyone’s attention a few months back known as among us. So in among us, players tend to work together to finish various small tasks appointed from time to time. Apart from these two players will be the pranksters who are within the same group hiding and their main goal is to kill everyone before the task is completed. If the two pranksters manage to kill the whole team before all the tasks are completed then they won while if players finish everything first by recognizing the two traitors, then the team will win. The pet rumble mode in the free fire game is also the same but it’s still under the stage of development. Now the mode is only playable in the advanced server.

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The mode is been revealed by many content creators on the web. The new mode is, however, is been played on a different map known as a laboratory with a team holding up 10 players in total. Each player in here will be represented as a free fire pet instead of the usual characters. This way the game mode looks more charming. The look is somewhat identical to the among us plot. All the rules here can be termed as quite identical as among us. The concept of two sides is maintained here known as scientists and pranksters. The job of the scientist is to solve all type of crisis while the task of pranksters is to sabotage all the plans made by scientists as a whole. The meeting room is also arranged for the discussion to take place between all the players from time to time as the requirements arise. All the players who will be knocked off by the pranksters will be turned into a ghost and would not be allowed further in the game. This mode is a very good approach to establish a good communicating game between friends. However, as the developers have recently finished all the important part now this mode is all set for playing but many players are not aware of how to use this mode. So, let’s see the steps involved in doing so.

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Steps Involved as How to play the new Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire

  1. The first thing that the players must do is to open the among us game already been installed on your device.
  2. The next thing that must be done is to go to the option available at the top right-hand corner of the scene to select the mode.
  3. After this, you are required to click the custom option available there. You may see few options dropped down from which you need to select pet rumble mode.
  4. Soon after this, the player is required to click the create button and then fill in the required information been asked such as the password, number of players followed by the number of pranksters from the options been mentioned on your screen.
  5. The user has also been given various options to select from such as a game kill, kill cooldown, scientists task and OfCourse task duration. All this can be done in the game tab. This makes the game more customized as per the player’s choices been implemented.
  6. After you are done with selecting all the desired option the user is required to press the confirm button available in the bottom left side corner.


I hope all the information been mentioned above would be useful to all my readers.      


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