How to play Free Fire on mobile

Free Fire is one of the most played games today; however, many people are unsure of how to play Free Fire on their cell phones. If you don’t want to be left out of this fun, you need to learn how to play Free Fire. And that is what we will teach you in this article. Read on to find out more.

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How to play Free Fire on mobile

1: Download the game on Android or iOS

There is certainly no way to play Free Fire on your cell phone if you don’t download the game. Free Fire is a survival game. As the name implies, whoever survives to the end wins. And the first step in playing Free Fire on your cell phone is to download the game.

For Android you will  download from Google Play . On iOS, you will download from the Play Store. Just search for “Free Fire” which is the first option that appears on both systems. Put it to download and wait for the download to complete.

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2: Connect with Facebook

When you first log into Free Fire on your phone, you have options to access the game and one of them is through Facebook. Basically, you will put your Facebook account in the app and log in.

If you do not use the social network, know that you need an account. So, you can create an account quickly and log in right away in the game. The account is for you to connect to the game.

3: You can also connect with VK

If you do not have a Facebook account or do not want to login through it, you can connect through the connection with VK. In that case, you also have the option of choosing an account that already exists or making a new one.

When you choose to register, a screen will appear for you to register and enter your information. After that, you will receive a code on your cell phone. Just confirm it and you’re done. Oh, and don’t worry. All of this is done free of charge.

4: Join Free Fire by creating a new character

Apart from the previous two options, there is also a third to start playing Free Fire on your cell phone. You can choose the option to register by placing only a nickname. On the next screen, you must enter your gender and a name for your character. That done, you are ready to play Free Fire on your mobile.

Free Fire objective

After all these steps, it’s time to start playing. Free Fire is a free game. Your goal is basically to survive. Below you will better understand how the Free Fire game works.

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Play you with 49 more participants, totaling 50 players. The 50 players will land on a remote island in order to survive until the end of the game. During the game, several things are happening, making the game even more fun.

Initially, you will be on a plane and will need to choose where to land. You and the players can choose where they fall from the plane. Once they are on the island, they can use weapons, vehicles and other items to defend themselves and eliminate other players.

The idea is to be the only player to stay on the island, becoming a winner and earning rewards. I hope you understand how to play Free Fire on your mobile. Now just download and invite your friends to play with you. Good game!

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