How to Move Quickly in Mortal Shell Game

The fast and quick travel during the game in Mortal Shell is a vital question that many of the gamers ask, especially at the beginning of the game. It takes a while to unlock this feature, but there is a way to quickly move between areas in the Cold Symmetry studio app. With its Central Hub surrounded by temples, it can be difficult to find your way back into Mortal Shell as you explore the various areas which are all accessible from the get-go. If you have the misfortune of going too far into a dungeon and realizing that you’re no match for a boss, you’ll definitely want to retrace your steps quickly and especially return to the Tower of Fallgrim Forest. If you have not found the answer to this subject, we will explain below what you need to do to travel fast in Mortal Shell , so that you can move between the different areas of the game without any problem.

How to move quickly between areas in Mortal Shell:

It should be clear first that you will be able to travel only in the zones which you have already explored, that means that you can only visit the places where you have awakened “Genessa sisters” . If there is a basic mask that allows you to quickly return to the last “Genessa sister” awakened in exchange for gleams, you will have to get your hands on the decorated mask to be able to move freely between the different “Genessa sisters”as much as you want without spending your glow … And to get this famous item, you must completely upgrade one of the four body envelopes in Mortal Shell! Which means finding an envelope and its name, and using enough Tar and Glow Points to unlock all of the character’s skills. Once this is done, speak with a “Sister Genessa” with the completely upgraded envelope and the latter will offer you a selection of items in exchange for gleams.

→ You can then buy the decorated mask from him in exchange for 30 lights. ←

Decorated mask Unlimited use

A distorted and garish relic of a sister mask.
When this mask is worn, the mind is confused, as if without limits. The immense distance between beings disappears, revealing the vision of a world contemplated by a thousand eyes.

Once you own the item, it can be used to quickly travel between Genessa sisters that you previously awoke. By the time you unlock the mask, there is a good chance that you already know the different places, but the mask will prove to be useful in any case to search the temples of the game from top to bottom and collect some things that you have forgotten during your first visit.

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