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Almost everyone who is been reading this article is well aware of the WhatsApp Messenger app that has made human life easy. People can connect to almost everyone, living anywhere with the features provided via this very app. Whether you are a student, professional, businessman everyone in this era is highly dependent on this app for their day-to-day work, studies etc. The main idea behind this app is to connect people with how far they are. Millions of people are attached via this app and are happy with its services. This is one of the greatest social media platforms highly used by people around the globe. There are many primitive methods used for messaging as well as chatting. WhatsApp is considered to one of the upgrading methods above all the primitive methods used previously. The platform has expanded its branches around the globe in the past few years. Apart from all these the web support that the app provides is highly used by several people. This is mostly done to switch again and again between phone and laptop corresponding to several tasks in the process. This is of great use that can surely be said. There are some limitations still there in this application when used in web form as there is no direct video call option present here. But here you can create a room on the WhatsApp web and then can simply share the link with your family or friends. The link can normally click to join the room with your permission given. This is mainly done to avoid any kind of security issues.

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As the WhatsApp web is presently lacking the video call feature but as per recent reports in there are advancement made and shown in reports that soon this feature will be added. Facebook is been working on the web client to introduce the direct in the video as well as voice call enabled on the web app. Till that feature introduces the messenger room via WhatsApp web is an excellent option available. In this article, we would be covering the steps involved to make a WhatsApp web video call. As we know it is one of the highly trusted and in use communication app. There are few questions asked by people such as. Can the WhatsApp call be made via WhatsApp desktop? Well unfortunately no but there are indirect methods that can be used to make this happen. As per many people, third-party apps are one the most preferable and efficient methods available.

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 Apart from the video call, all other features are easily available here. The second question is the same but the device is been switched from desktop to laptop. Everyone who is been using the WhatsApp web for some time now has at some time searched about the video call feature and how is it used. As we know that most of the feature in the app used on both mobile and web are the same but some limitations exist. As the app is mostly used with the help of an emulator. This is one of the famous tech inventions that was introduced for gamers but the applications of the clever tech made various things in use quite easy than before. The emulator is used to connect all the missing encryption between the two techniques is used. One of the widely used emulators is bluestacks which has great reviews and a rating of five stars by most of the users worldwide.

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 Let see the step involve to use this application to make WhatsApp web video call:

  1. The first thing is surely to download a good emulator on your respective laptop or PC and then set it up properly by giving all the relevant permissions.
  2. You are required to make an account on this platform
  3. The third thing is to open the WhatsApp app and then log with the same no you provided in your account while filling in the details
  4. As of now in there you can see all the available contacts and proceed to make the call
  5. The audio and video will ask permission kindly do provide that.


All the steps mentioned above are quite easy to follow. I hope this helps.

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