How to make a TNT Minecart Trap in Minecraft

How to make a TNT Minecart Trap in Minecraft

Blowing up blocks in moderation using a Minecart with TNT as a platform is a common usage in creative play. It will not destroy any rails or blocks underneath it when it explodes. Their fuse burns out after 4 seconds, but they will explode when attacked by any kind of fire, hit while in motion, after falling 3 blocks, or if it makes a sharp turn next to a block. Since TNT minecarts are a popular way for griefers to destroy mines or roads, servers commonly ban them.

  • Like a regular Minecart, the Minecart with TNT is also secured by a block of TNT, but mobs and players cannot ride on it. These conditions will guarantee an explosion:
  • It glides on an Activator Rail, which is powered (after a 4 second delay).
  • It travels an additional three blocks beyond the planned route. While in motion, it’s destroyed
  • Fire, lava, or an explosion is required to completely destroy it.
  • It begins with a curved path that features a physical object, usually a block, located near the path’s start (in the previous movement direction).
  • With multiple TNT Minecarts on a single track, it is possible to launch a player into the air.
  • I have found TNT Minecarts useful in a number of my traps.

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When a minecart with TNT detonates, it occurs after a delay. It moves on a powered rail that is powered by an activator. In motion, it is destroyed (except by a player in Creative mode). Fire, lava, or an explosion destroys it. This thing catches fire when struck by a fire charge in Java Edition. For example, the TNT block has a 4-second delay. A delay of 1.9 seconds occurs between 0 and 1.9 for all other causes. The bomb detonates as soon as these conditions are met:

  • It reaches the ground with a downward velocity equal to the greater of the velocity of falling three blocks, or the velocity of landing on any form of rail.
  • It includes a curved track and an obstruction on its side; this results in a rapid shift from on to off (in the previous movement direction).
  • A flaming arrow hits it.
  • Velocity is imparted to it by pressing it into a block or entity.

When the explosive is detonated, it behaves like standard TNT, causing an explosion that damages nearby blocks, players, and entities. After being activated, it doesn’t destroy the rails and the blocks on which they are mounted, but nearby carts are destroyed.  [Only on Java Edition] To allow several minecarts to fit into a single rail block, multiple minecarts can be placed on the same rail block. When physically assaulted, they violently explode, dealing large amounts of damage.

Regular TNT’s base power is 4, but in the game, it is supplemented by a random bonus that is up to 1.5 times the initial velocity but no greater than 7.5. This means that the power is a random value between 4 and 11.5 with a speed of 5 or higher. The bonus value is calculated from the horizontal velocity of the minecart when triggered by an activator rail or damaged. Velocity of the arrow is instead used when hit by a flaming arrow. If falldamage occurs, falldistance is divided by 10.

The most dangerous minecart traps in Minecraft are made with TNT. These traps are almost entirely error-free due to their instantaneously exploding nature. Waking up to find that a minecart TNT trap has activated without one’s knowledge is somewhat disconcerting.

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TNT minecart traps are extremely versatile and can be used in various techniques. Additionally, they are extremely cheap and efficient.

If you’re interested in building a TNT minecart trap, you will be happy to know that many designs are exceptionally simple to build.

The TNT minecarts are extremely dangerous for players in the vicinity, as they explode when triggered by various conditions.

When falling from three or more blocks, TNT minecarts will explode.

The trap works by having the minecarts placed at the top of trees, ready to fall onto unsuspecting victims.

By placing a TNT minecart on top of any ores that have spawned on the ceiling of a cave, Minecraft players can plant a TNT minecart wherever they please. The falling minecart will cause the player’s death.

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another variant of the pressure plate trap is the pedestal trap (seen in the featured image). When a player steps on the pressure plate, this trap will be activated. Placing the plate will set off a chain reaction that starts with a TNT minecart and ends with multiple TNT minecarts exploding all at once.

While minecart TNT traps can start simple and inexpensive, they can quickly grow quite complex and expensive. On the other hand, traps that are listed above are the most cost-effective and simplest traps to utilise.


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