How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

The concept of a smoker in the game Minecraft is such as something like a furnace in the kitchen for cooking food. The game has become quite popular nowadays and all this is due to new things coming up more often so that players are not bored with all the old things already in the game. In broad, there are three ways through which food is cooked in Minecraft. These are known as using a smoker, using a smoker and using a camphire. By using the smoker, the food is achieved in a faster way but we cannot melt metal ore using this method. While on the other hand if we use a furnace then can melt the metal quite easily which is surely an advantage but one more thing to remember that the food is been produced quite slower as compared to the smoker. Now the last method which is using the campfire is not used until and unless the players want to have a little bit of fun within the game. This method of cooking food takes the longest times in comparison to the other two methods but at the same time in here there is no requirement of fuel which is quite affordable. Till now everyone must have understood the topic that is going to be discussed in this very article which is how can a player make a smoker in Minecraft game. This topic is highly searched on many search engines nowadays. So, if you someone curious about the topic kindly read forward. Let’s move forward without wasting any time further.

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Steps involved in making a smoker in Minecraft:

Making a smoker in the game of Minecraft can be a little bit tricky this is the first thing the player must be kept in his or her mind. The process of making requires certain items which are mentioned below:


The items that are needed for the smoker forming recipe is mentioned below: –

Wood logs:

This is the first primary item that we are going to require for making the smoker within the Minecraft game.

Crafting table:

The second item is the crafting table. As the smoker is quite a big item to make, we are going to require the crafting table to assemble all the items.


 This is the third item that we require which is surely the integrated part of the smoker so this is also quite important for making the smoker fully furnished.

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Procedure of creating smoker in Minecraft

Now let’s move to the procedure through which all the item mentioned above can be successfully used to make the smoker.

Wood logs:

This is the first and foremost thing that we gain in this game of Minecraft. For this, the player firstly spawns through the whole forest of thick trees. There they make use of the mighty punches of Steve for breaking the trees down. After this, the steam of the tree is separated this is done through breaking. At last, the block of wood is obtained.  collecting the wood log in Minecraft can be of almost any tree such as the acacia, oak or birch wood. The process of acquiring the wood from the tree is quite a simple process. For this, you need to just aim at the tree and keep the left side of the mouse pressed till the time the block is broke down. Once the wood log is achieved, we can move to the next step which is none other than the crafting table.

Crafting table:

The process of making a crafting table is quite a basic-level task. But still, this is something that lasts till the last of the whole game so that player can use it any time required. This is the reason why it’s been formed soon after the spawning is completed in the Minecraft world. If the player has not initiated the spawning process near a village, then making the crafting table is the second thing to be done or else can be done at first too. But not more than that as everything that is coming next is through the crafting table. To make it the first thing that is required is one block of wood log. After this covert the log into planks with which a crafting table will be formed. Just open the inventory and proceed towards the crafting section. In their place, the wood log will result in almost 4 wood planks. Now place the planks into the squares of crafting and boom the crafting table is ready.


As we already know a furnace is used for cooking food as well as melting ores of metal and many other kinds of stuff too. And most commonly we mainly build and place a furnace as soon as possible as it’s the fastest we can get a stable safe house. To make a furnace all that is required is 8 blocks of cobblestone. Cobblestone can be found quite easily in almost all the places possible. Bring all these to the crafting table. The pattern of making a furnace is quite easy. Just you need to place cobblestone in all the squares of the crafting table except in the centre square and boom the furnace is ready.


Now as the two things are ready which is the furnace and the wood log, we can start building the smoker in Minecraft. The pattern of putting all these things together using the crafting table. Firstly, in the middle square of the top and bottom of the crafting table place the wood log. Now again place the wood log on the left and right side of the crafting table. And after this the smoker is ready.

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I hope all the steps mentioned above was useful to all my readers.         


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