How to know if someone has blocked me on WhatsApp

As we know that WhatsApp is an active app that has millions of users that use it on daily basis for both personal as well as professional work. This app is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps used for messaging. The platform is trusted and that is the reason it is widely used across the world. There are many apps like this which has quite identical features still WhatsApp has the feature that makes it quite different from all other identical apps. WhatsApp has some hidden tricks and many options are used towards the privacy factor. One such important feature is blocking which enable the user to block any person in the contact. There are times when user wants to know if someone has blocked them on the WhatsApp or are just ignoring all their messages being sent before.

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Well, one can easily say that there is no full-proof method available but apart from this, some tricks can be utilized by the user to get a rough idea for sure. WhatsApp is often described as an insight. As it is one of the biggest changes that the market of mobile technology has ever experienced. By this invention, the people were able to connect and that too just following few simple steps. There is a 24*7 connecting feature available mainly through chatting, audio calling, video calling, updating status, sharing emojis and many other things too. Once this app was made in regular practices people started using this app more and more often and this is the so-called reason for the popularity gained by this app in a small duration of time.

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Even the app become so much popular that it has also eliminated the basic need of mobile phones that is to make calls but by this app, we can call anyone at any time just with the use of the internet as a basic necessity. The app was able to provide us with all the freedom that we wish for. Now let us try to see each of this method that can be used to determine if someone has blocked you or not.

#1. Check the last seen:

This is often said that if someone from your contact list blocks you on WhatsApp that you are not able to see the last seen on his contact that was available before. This is more of the restriction that WhatsApp implement on all the blocked contact. So, if you are not able to see the last seen then that must be one of the indications to be blocked. But kindly take care of the fact that in WhatsApp there is more of the features of hiding the last seen used by a lot of people nowadays to secure their privacy. So, this is not the full proof indication for sure.

#2. Send messages:

There are chances that the person has blocked you but this cannot be fully assured using the last seen concept. For this, you can try sending a message to the contact that you think has blocked you. After the message is successfully been send try to see whether the sent messages show a single tick or double as if there is no double tick then it might be possible that you have been blocked. This method also demands a little patience so kindly wait for some time as many people switch their data often from time to time. But if the wait also does not provide any result and still only a single tick is seen then this normally indicates that messages are not even delivered and you are blocked by the particular person.

#3.Look for the profile photo:

If the profile pic of the person is not visible even by refreshing the app again and again then there may be direct chances that you are blocked.

In this either the old profile pic is available or nothing is shown. Just look and then assure. But there is one thing that must be kept in mind while using this method which is that WhatsApp provides its user with the ability to hide profile pic as well as status too. This is mainly done due to security reasons. Apart from this many people simply prefer not to keep any profile pic at all which is sometimes confusing.

#4. Try to make a call:

This method termed as one of the concrete methods to ensure that if you are been blocked by someone. As when you call someone on WhatsApp and they never pick the call. As if someone has blocked you, it is sure that the other person will not pick your phone as they would not receive any notification soon. Kindly ensure that this method is repeated a couple of time. Also, with that, you can try to add a particular person to a group. As in doing so, a message will pop up indicating that the person cannot be added to the group which will prove that you have been blocked and this is one of the security feature enables by WhatsApp on you. 

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All the methods written above will help you recognize if you have been blocked or not. I hope this helps. 

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