How to Improve Ping on Free Fire

Certainly, one of the biggest doubts of the players is how to improve the ping in Free Fire to increase the performance in the game.

That’s because this is the problem hurting your internet connection. So it ends up reflecting during matches!

However, as it is a command of your operating system, it is possible to make changes that do not hinder your gameplay.

So, read on if you want to know how to change that! Well, I’ll give you a very simple and updated tip.

How to Improve Ping on Free Fire

1. GFX Tool:

Therefore, one of the ways to improve ping on Free Fire is through this mobile application.

Since, it is an anti lag  app available for Android system. Ideal for online games, it has an efficient service network that makes your connection stable.

That is, it is a simple and practical way to avoid the lag for which you pay nothing and do not need to make difficult configurations.

2. Airplane mode to improve ping on Free Fire:

Although Airplane Mode is a state that blocks the mobile data network, you can play through the Wi-Fi.

That is, available for any system, this reduces the number of background processes. Therefore, decreasing lag that occurs during matches.

However, this tip is ideal only when playing at home or places with a stable Wi-Fi connection!

3. Basic Settings:

When playing, you can take some simple steps, such as closing applications that are open in the background.

Do this before starting the game as you will see a difference in gameplay. In addition, some other options are:

  • Graphics options: within the game itself, you can decrease the graphics options according to what your phone supports.

Settings> Basic> Graphic: press Soft .

  • Clear the cache: these files should speed up the loading of applications, but when they “accumulate” they can do the opposite.

Settings> Applications> select the game and click Storage> Clear cache and wait for the process to complete .

4. Maintenance features:

Finally, my tip is to use tools that will perform maintenance on your phone’s Android or IOS system.

In general, most cell phones have one of these already integrated , but in some cases, you may just need to download the feature. Below I will show you how to do this from a Samsung.

  • Home> Android Settings
  • Click> Device Maintenance
  • Press> Optimize Now

5. DNS settings to improve ping on Free Fire:

The Domain Name System is something that can be modified to modify the response time between the game server and your mobile internet.

  • Android: Settings> Connections> WiFi> Modify / Network Settings> Show Advanced Options> IP Settings / Settings> Static> DNS (1 and 2 ) > Save.
  • IOS: Settings> WiFi> press the “i” of the connection> Configure DNS> Manual> Add Server> Save.

Numbers to use: and (Cloudflare) / and (DNS Google) / and (OpenDNS)


In summary, there are several ways on how to improve ping on Free Fire to increase your gameplay!

What did you think of these tips? Tell in the comments and share with your friends.

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