How to Hack WiFi Password

How to Crack a Wi-Fi Password Without or With Root Access If you’re looking for ways to hack Wi-Fi, this article will come in handy because I’ll show you how to hack Wi-Fi passwords from an Android smartphone, a server, Kali Linux, and more. How to Crack WPA and WPA2 WIFI Password.

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If you have strong Wi-Fi signals near your home, flat, school, college, or other places, and the speed is also strong, but you don’t know the password, So there’s no need to be concerned; in today’s article, we’ll learn in detail how to hack the Wi-Fi password from our mobile phone and device. Or how do you hack a Wi-Fi password?

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So today’s post will be very useful for you because I will explain Wi-Fi hacking in-depth, including whether it is possible to hack Wi-Fi passwords and, if so, how.

The Best Ways To Crack A Wi-Fi Password

You must have noticed many different types of Wi-Fi protection are used in Wi-Fi, and now I’ll show you how to hack each form of security one at a time, so read the article carefully.

#1. WEP Encryption

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is an acronym for Wired Equivalent Privacy. This is the original Wi-Fi security, which was created in 1999. It’s also really simple to crack. If you want to hack a WEP Wi-Fi, you can do so using your phone, laptop, or Windows PC, as well as Kali Linux.

Aircrack-ng is probably familiar with the name of this software, which is only available for Windows and Linux.

If you have a Windows computer, you can use this app to quickly crack any WEP Wi-Fi password. However, this could take 4 to 9 hours.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to hack a Wi-Fi password with WEP security on a Windows PC.

We’re now talking about WPA encryption, which is far more secure than WEP and comes in two formats: WPA and WPA2, both of which are advanced. However, the two methods mentioned below can also be used to crack it.

#2. WPA or WPA2 encryption

  • Word List Attack or Dictionary Attack.
  • Fluxion attack.

#3. Word List Attack

Also known as Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack, or Word List Attack in all three terms, is when a hacker attempts a large number of password combinations on your WiFi network, and if the passwords match, your Wi-Fi password is cracked. This method is also known as password guessing.

We now know how to use a Brute-Force Attack and a Word List Attack to break every Wi-Fi password.

If I’m talking about an Android phone, several apps  can help you crack a Wi-Fi password using a brute force attack from your phone. However, your Wi-Fi signal must be very powerful, and it can take a long time.

I strongly discourage you from using your Android phone to launch an ASLI brute force attack. Since it will consume a significant amount of your time and there is no guarantee that it will be effective.

Now that we’ve discussed computers, if you have a computer or laptop with good hardware, you can easily hack any Wi-Fi password using Kali Linux’s word list attack.

#4. Fluxion Attack

It is the second-best method for cracking the password of any WPA or WPA2 Wi-Fi.

In this case, a Man in the Middle Attack is used, which disables the victim’s Wi-Fi link and redirects him to

Its unique feature is that it prevents the victim from connecting by entering the incorrect password as long as he does not enter the right Wi-Fi password. And you get his password as soon as he enters his Wi-Fi password.

#5. MAC Addresses Filtering

you’re probably aware that each computer has its own MAC address. And this MAC address has a Wi-Fi link, which means that all devices connecting to a Wi-Fi network have a special mac address that is permitted by the Wi-Fi network’s administrator.

You will connect to a Wi-Fi network if you locate the mac address of a connected device and replace it with the mac address of your device.

The good news is that Kali Linux can detect a linked device’s mac address automatically. Then you can use it to replace your device’s mac address.

#6. WPS Enabled (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

You can hack WPS Enable Wi-Fi from your Android phone, but the network security of that Wi-Fi must be extremely strong.

After you’ve installed the WPS Tester App on your Android phone, open it and select Connect Automatic; if your Wi-Fi signal is powerful, it will connect automatically.

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