How to Get Tiktok Subscribers

How to Get Tiktok Subscribers

11 free ways to earn TikTok subscribers

You might have published several videos on your Tiktok account and updating your profile regularly to get tiktok subscribers but ultimately not gaining them at a pace that you want to have. Results might be bit frustrating for you as you are doing lots of efforts but not getting popularity and subscribers on Tiktok. You might have also seen several videos on tiktok which doesn’t have the same quality as your videos do have but still they are getting good number of views and subscribers than your videos.

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The next thing you might be trying is searching over Google about how to get tiktok subscribers and you may find few websites that are claiming to provide you Tiktok subscribers just by putting up your tiktok username but that too is not working for you as most of these websites are fake and just encourage you to fill up the survey forms which ultimately give them earnings and you will get nothing out of it.

                Note: Don’t trap yourself in such kinds of fake tiktok subscribers websites

So, what to do to get Tiktok subscribers in a rapid manner and how to do the things perfectly to gain popularity on Tiktok , what are the genuine ways using which you can get 100% genuine tiktok subscribers free of cost,  how to get tiktok followers, how to get tiktok video likes, how to get tiktok video views, how to make videos that capture the user’s attention is what we are discussing in this article.

So, below are the some tips and tricks that you should follow to gain subscribers and followers on Tiktok:

1). Create Good-looking Profile: 

Firstly, you should create an awesome looking profile on Tiktok and ensure that you have properly written the biography at Tiktok. The profile picture, personal information and username create an impression on the visitor of your profile.

Try to choose a catchy and short username which is easy to remember and it is the trendy one.

Some of the username generators you can use for TikTok are as follows:

Let your visitors know that what type of videos that you are going to publish on your Tiktok profile such as videos related to humorous one, horror videos, pranks videos or whatever talent you have, you should already mention it in your profile.

2) Post original content & entertaining content:

If you post the similar kind of content as other are posting, you are unlikely to get popularity in Tiktok Platform. You need to find out something different and unique in content that others like.

Creating unique and entertaining content is must in getting popularity at Tiktok.  Some of the content ideas that work well on Tiktok Platform are as follows:

  • Duet videos
  • Magic videos
  • Pencil Sketch video
  • Facts videos
  • Make Reverse videos
  • Movie Dialogues videos
  • Cartoon voice videos
  • Mimicry videos
  • Gaming videos
  • Funny Animals videos
  • Slow-motion videos:
  • Make Challenging videos

3) Regularly Upload Videos:

If you don’t upload videos regularly, others will not engage with your profile and tiktok videos. You should make a schedule of posting videos i.e everyday or every second day. Once you start getting few followers they want you to upload videos on regular basis otherwise they will leave you, also the new followers will come only if you keep posting good videos on tiktok on regular basis.

4)  Follow Good-looking Profiles on Tiktok and Keep commenting on other’s videos:  

Don’t be selfish when you would like to get popularity on Tiktok.

You should also follow others profile as well and keep commenting on other’s videos. It will produce great results for you as you are engaging with community and if follow others; others will also start following you. 

So, you should benefit each other.  On initial basis you can also use some tiktok like exchange communities such as Addmefast from where you can like others tiktok videos and in return they will like your videos. Using such communities, you will get instant tiktok followers, instant tiktok video views and instant tiktok likes etc.

5) Take part in challenges

Keeping up with the latest social media trends is important because it allows you to see what types of “hot” content are at a given point in time.

The challenges often involve singing and / or dancing to popular music, which is perfectly linked to the uses for which the platform has become known, namely lip-syncing.

A simple way to identify the challenges in progress is to watch the different videos in the “For you” section and analyze the legends of these.

6) Create collaborations with other TikTokers

As on Youtube where content producers will help each other to make videos broadcast on their respective channels, it is perfectly conceivable to ask users on tiktok as well to create a community that basically helps each other to grow.

7) Learn from the most popular user methods

Before you start creating your own videos, you should spend some time in the “For you” section of the TikTok application.

This will inform you of the practices that work to generate visibility, because the videos offered in this section generally receive several tens / hundreds of thousands of interactions.

Identify the following:

  • popular music
  • the effects / filters used
  • length of videos
  • sequencing

8) Exploiting the potential of hashtags

In the same way as on Twitter and Instagram, TikTok allows users to add hashtags to reference their videos in thematic publication threads.

However, unlike Instagram, the number of hashtags that you can add is extremely limited because your legend accompanied by hashtags must be a maximum of 140 characters.

It is therefore essential to choose them well.

9) Promote your TikTok account on your other social networks

Do not limit yourself to your simple TikTok account when you broadcast your videos: you could without any problem share some of your content on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or even Snapchat to make your existing communities want to join you on TikTok.

10) Use applications to make your content original

You don’t need to go through professional video editing software such as Finalcut or Adobe Premiere to produce great content for broadcast on TikTok.

Here are some interesting additional apps for this:

11) Publish at the right time

In the same way as on other social networks, the time of publication of your videos is an essential factor impacting the visibility of your content.

At the moment there are no analytics telling us about the hours of connection of our subscribers, but studies have appeared on the subject, and reveal that it would be more interesting to post between 11 am and 5 pm.

An analysis of the habits of your audience will undoubtedly be necessary to identify the best time slots for your account.

Here are some additional tips that you can use to gain Tik Tok fans and likes:

  • Don’t copy anyone unless you’re really much better at what you’re copying.
  • You have to pay attention to the quality of your videos and must not become “lazy” at some point or rest on your laurels.
  • Collect ideas and write them down. Think about it from time to time and try out how they look in a video.
  • Use hashtags! This cannot be emphasized enough. Pay attention to which hashtags are popular and consider whether other ideas can be derived from them.
  • Stay with the thing. To be really successful, you should publish at least one video (almost) every day.
  • Analyze your own successes and failures, but also those of others. Check out what ideas many or few followers and likes have brought you. Look at the stars for which videos they got a lot or few likes. This gives you an indication of how to make your own style of videos more successful.
  • Be active! If you watch videos yourself, leave likes and comments on other tiktok videos , your videos will be liked and commented in return by others.
  • As long as you don’t plan to make a living from it … stay relaxed! For most, this is a pastime, fun that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you notice that you take the whole thing too much to heart, better get out. Your videos are only really fun for others if you have had fun shooting them.


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