How to get the firefly jar in Fortnite?

As new Fortnite seasons come out and the game takes advantage of new updates, Epic Games teams are adding new items and weapons to it, with things sometimes more than unlikely like today with the new grenade (explosive weapon) … The firefly jar! Launch this jar on your opponents in battle royale mode so that they ignite immediately for several seconds forcing them to come out of their lair. 

The object is used like a Molotov cocktail. Be careful all the same when using this object since you and your teammates can receive damage as well as by using a firefly jar on a ground with tall grass will have the effect of propagating the fire until burning the trees which are found around. This throwing weapon deals 40 damage to anyone caught within their range. Obviously, if the grass and the trees ignite on contact with the fireflies, the constructions of the other wooden players will also ignite, forcing the one who is hiding inside to go out under penalty of receiving heavy damage.

How to get the firefly jar in Fortnite?

To get this new weapon to launch, you must first locate fireflies that are scattered all over the new flooded map of the Battle Royale mode. Fireflies can normally only be found at night … When the sun goes down on Fortnite Island, keep an eye out for the bright fireflies. They tend to appear near areas that are wooded and campsites where there are usually campfires. You can especially see them spinning in the air at your height. To collect them, you just have to get   close to them and press the button indicated which will add to your inventory the “firefly bowl” weapon . 

Each group of localized fireflies will only give you one pot of fireflies, but you can add more to your inventory if you locate others that allow you to create stacks of three firefly jars. You can also get the fire grenade from fireflies by eliminating other players, marauders who have already collected the object, or by opening loot llamas on the map, who sometimes drop a stack of 3 firefly jars.

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