How to Get Sponges in Minecraft

How to Get Sponges in Minecraft

The game Minecraft is getting a lot of popularity recently and all this is mainly due to several new features that were launched within the game. One can probably say that the creators of Minecraft always got something creative in their head that is the reason the game so much beyond one’s expectations. So, the amount of thinking that these creators put behind creating this very game with such a high magnitude is just amazing. Minecraft in such regard is quite an amazing game and this is been made possible due to all the unique resources out there in the game. One such resource is known as sponges. Blocks can be defined as squishy blocks that do the same thing which they are meant to be used on in the real life. In simple words, a sponge is nothing but a block in Minecraft that can be used to remove the rapid water flowing as it absorbs all the water nearby when placed properly.

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These sponges in Minecraft can be a really useful tool when it comes to rapidly remove of a large portion of water. The use of a sponge is a great idea to fix almost any base nearby that is been destroyed by any other player who is responsible for drowning it in the water. There are other tasks too in which sponges play a major role such as draining out a pond. This because if we try doing it using a bucket instead of a sponge that it will forever complete the whole process. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss how a player can get sponges in the Minecraft game. In case you are someone looking out for this piece of information then I may suggest you read the whole article to get every little bit of information related to the very topic in quite a brief. There are a bunch of questions that I will try to answer in this article. So, let’s start without wasting any more time further. The first question that I would like to answer is about the location where these sponges in Minecraft be found.

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Well, these blocks known as sponges can be probably found in the ocean monuments of the game. However, in the ocean monuments, two methods are used to find these. But just before that the player is required to do is a little bit of exploring to find these ocean monuments. These monuments are more likely to be found in the seas and they do have some common hostile enemies just around. The first method that is used to find the sponges is to locate the sponge room which is in the monument. There are around 30 units of sponge present in this room most of the time. One can easily find the opening of these rooms at the bottom of the ocean monument. But keep in mind that each of the 36-column presents in the room has a chance of about 33% being empty while there is even a 50% chance of having a sponge inside. The left out 17% chance is probably of having 2 sponges. Now moving to the second method which is more like to farm a sponge is through the killing of an elder guardian. These are found inside the monuments and have a guarantee to drop at least one sponge. This second method is used more like the process of finding the sponge room can be a little bit tricky as well tedious task overall. One tip that I want to pass to all the players reading this article is to carry a night vision glass every time so that you can see everything quite clearly.

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Apart from this, the sponges that you may achieve through these two methods are wet sponges that can be easily converted to dry sponges. This conversion can be done by taking these wet sponges to the nether world or by just drying them into a furnace. The main advantage of a dry sponge is that it can absorb up to 65 blocks of water when it’s placed in a water body. A wet sponge however can be used just by drying it. There are certain ways through which a sponge can be effectively used. As we know that the sponge can be used to absorb a large portion of water within and this is done in almost all the possible seven directions where the block itself is been placed.

One thing to remember that the sponge will always absorb the water near to itself first. Therefore, it is not able to absorb any water that is not adjacent to it. So, to make the most effective use of the sponge the player must try to place these blocks on the very source of the water. Through this way, there are more chances for the permanent removal of the water or else the water will just flow back towards the sponge which would not work out properly.

Conclusion: I hope the information shared above will be useful to all my readers   


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