How to Get Multikill MW3

How to Get Multikill MW3

What Exactly is a Multikill in MW3?

If you’re diving into the world of Modern Warfare III and aiming for those coveted mastery camos, understanding the term “multikill” is essential. Let’s break it down in a way that’s easy to grasp.

Demystifying Multikills: All You Need to Know

In MW3, a multikill is achieved by swiftly taking down two or more opponents in rapid succession without meeting your demise. Regardless of your weapon of choice, this feat marks a double-kill or more within a brief timeframe.

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How to Score a Multikill in MW3

To ace the multikill challenge in MW3, you must eliminate at least two foes rapidly. The game might demand these kills with a specific weapon, intensifying the task. Here’s the lowdown on how to master this gaming art.

1. Weapon Agnosticism:

  • A multikill doesn’t discriminate based on weapons. It’s about the swift takedown of adversaries, be it with firearms, explosives, or scorestreaks.

2. Scorestreaks and Explosives:

  • Optimal choices for achieving multikills are scorestreaks and explosives. Unleash these strategically to rack up rapid kills and conquer the battlefield.

3. Game Mode Strategies:

  • Hardpoint and Domination:
    • These modes offer prime opportunities to claim multikills. Take advantage of the chaos in defending or attacking objectives.
  • War Mode:
    • Embrace the tightly packed maps of War mode. Surprise opponents by camping strategically, leveraging surprise attacks.

4. Map-Centric Tactics:

  • Smoke or Stun Grenades:
    • Create confusion and seize the moment. Toss in smoke or stun grenades before a multikill attempt for a tactical advantage.

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