How to get Minecraft PE for free iOS and Android

There are many people out there who are interested in playing the Minecraft game and that’s the reason they are looking for the Minecraft PE download. Well, I know you are here to for that. The game is quite popular and the players are almost crazy about it. Many players save money rather than spending it on the various video games option available. This is, of course, a huge problem that is the reason we came up with a new way to download the Minecraft PE for free both for Android as well as for the iOS. As it works on both the types Android and iOS that it doesn’t matter which phone you have. This was possible due to the pocket edition of Minecraft. In this, you do not need your PC or any type of gaming console at all. When you get this new version, the task becomes much easier.

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What is Minecraft pocket version?

Minecraft pocket version was created to run on the smartphones and other smart devices too. Currently, this version is easily running on Google phones, amazon tablets and even on other android and iOS devices. We can notice a lot of similarities on the title if the game. This mobile version name is also kept similar to the real game. The version has all the real features included without creating any kind of difference at all. The only difference to note is that this mobile version does not use the Java platform for its gaming experience. Some minor difference can be noticed due to that.

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How does this version work?

Many of us have this question in our mind while the answer is needed to be understood carefully. The method used in quite incredible this allows us to get the Minecraft game for iOS and Android through the server we own and that the reason this is free to use. The developers have taken months to build such a version making a convenient way that the user can use. And now this version is saving a lot of many if we observe. The original version was cracked and used by many players out there which is not a legal way if we look. Now many players are satisfied while using the new version.

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Apart from the above two questions, one more question reaches to the developers continuously which is this version is safe to use while the answer is yes for sure. Many players are using this version and till date never came up with any kind of complaint. There are many downloads taken place to date. Therefore, the developer strongly suggests the player download the version and make its use. If then also you have some kind of doubt then you can always create a dummy account and cross-check by yourself. You will surely enjoy it.

Now I would like to mention the iOS and android version more briefly:

Minecraft pocket edition for iOS is all new and free full version loved by most the player with iOS devices. The game is supported on iOS 11, 12 as well 13,14and with all the above version. This version of Minecraft includes all the latest version been introduced. There are some of it I would like to mention like an iconic ultimate boss battle, ender dragon etc. The little edition is small but there are so many things the players can explore. There are randomly generated maps to play along in the new missions. The players can build their kingdoms with the things of their choice.

There you have unlimited resources made available for your use. The survival mode is unique even the weapons can be customized as per the user preference. This version can be even played on the iPad too. The game pocket edition has all the parts set up in such a manner that it looks like the original game no less than that.

The above mention link can be used to download the game. This version is compatible with android 4.2 and above perfectly. This version does not have a storyline to follow but here the player creates what they like such as a customization option made available. The version is quite fun to play along. This is a 2D action-adventure something different from all other game out there.


The steps to download and play the pocket edition is quite simply the link to download it is mention in many websites online the installation process is also simple to follow you just need to download it then click open the app and install it and after giving all the relevant permission from your side then it’s ready to get going. I hope the article game you some information. Happy gaming. 

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