How to Get Free Royale Pass in PUBG Season 18

PUBG is one of the most played as well as supported game worldwide has various upcoming surprises that gives the player a thrill every time reveled. The game has around 500 million players around the globe and the numbers keep on increasing with every second that passes. PUBG is not only just a game but a platform where things can be personalized as per the wish of the players. In here you could easily buy the premium expensive gifts for any kind of character that you wish for. These premium gifts consist of various items such as Gun Skins, Legendary Character, Premium Outfit, Royale Pass and many more things than all these listed. To make a purchase within the game you are required to use the unknown currency valid. UC is the in-game currency supported in PUBG mobile.

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This is required to buy almost anything in the game and that is the reason players play various matches. But one thing that is required to be kept in mind that to achieve UC the initial thing that has to be done is to do a top-up which is expensive most of the time. As it’s already known that many players don’t like to spend money on the game due to some valid reason according to them. The top-up value within the game mainly starts from Rs 80 to Rs 8000 which is the reason that normal people cannot afford this. As per the search engine information available, many players search for ways how one can get a free royal pass in the recent season. In this article, we are going to discuss some tricks that you can use in brief.

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 As PUBG is the most played online multiplayer game about which players are almost crazy there is a requirement of some hack that could help. The game consists of some basic as well as advanced features being updated by the developers from time to time. Mainly all type of basic features are free but advanced features require UC to be purchased. PUBG has already made its new season appear across players worldwide. Each season royale pass consists of many exciting things such as new outfits, vehicle skins and other cool-glancing skins and much more than all these.

What is PUBG Royale Pass?

But before jumping into the steps through which a free royale pass can be obtained I would like to inform my readers about the royale pass in brief. In short, it is also known as RP. The pass is considered one of the most desirable assets in the PUBG mobile game. This is even called by the players as a three-tier based reward system which is quite famous among the users. The players can acquire a huge collection of these kinds of rewards just by completing various missions. This will also help them in achieving high ranks and climb to a greater level in the game. The season 18 royale has already been made available for the users and the bonus point with that are many other surprises. There are numerous tricks through which this pass can be obtained for free. 

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Method 1:

The first method that I would like to highlight is to earn UC from apps ad then use the reward to buy the royale pass. This is quite a simple method to be used. Many apps that provide this kind of feature is available online. One such app is known as super gold. In this app, one can earn Paytm cash for free just by answering some questions as a part of a survey conducted from time to time on different topics. The money earned can directly be converted into UC used within the PUBG game and then can be used to buy the pass. This way is being used by a lot of players nowadays and according to them is quite effective as well.

Method 2:

The second method that I am going to suggest is not a direct way but many a time it works. This is termed a giveaway. Many streamers play PUBG and have high ranks so to appreciate the supporters they provide giveaway from time to time.

This is done from season to season. Many immature players have been benefitted from this method from time to time.

Method 3:

The third method that I would like to suggest is one of the most trustworthy methods. Many times indeed google itself gives many discounts on various game purchase done from time to time. The players need to check from time to time to check the availability of the popular offers in the google play store. There is a certain number of steps you are required to follow to achieve a google play store gifts card. Firstly, go to your phone and then in there kindly open the google play store. After this, you are required to tap on the left side menu and in there kindly open the option of notification. Here you will find some credits and rewards that can be used.


I hope all the methods written over here will be effective for my readers. Kindly try these.           

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