How to Get Free Fire Skins for Free?

 In 2019, the game updated and everyone wants to know how to get Free Fire skins for free!

After all, most have no intention of spending money on games. That is, when buying enough diamonds to obtain these “clothes” from the characters.

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However, this jewel is not the only way to be able to buy them, since this can also be done with the game’s gold.

Want to know how to get skins for free in this Battle Royale? So, read on and find out how!

How to Get Free Fire Skins for Free?

The Free Fire skins are for the player to customize the characters he owns and likes to play.

In this way, they function as a trend within the game. But, they do not bring any kind of special power or change of abilities.

In general, there are two basic ways to obtain skins through your purchase with gold or diamond.

The gold is obtained during the games, so it is a way to get enough playing. However, the free options are:

  • Free Pass: it is a reward system in which the prizes vary according to the number of badges the player has. To raise your level, always perform daily and veteran missions (which give 5 badges).
    • “Missions”> choose a task and collect badges;
    • “Fire Pass”> check the available rewards (gold or skins).
  • Royale Luck : This roulette system requires the golden tickets that are purchased during matches or after entering daily. But, here the prizes can be permanent or temporary. In addition, daily you will be entitled to a Gold Royale spin . In both, it is possible to earn Free Fire skins .

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What Are The New Free Fire Skins 2019?

The new update with Free Fire skins , is part of the 13th Elite Pass that brought two new customization options for the characters:

  • Death Knight : it is special for female characters. Thus, it comes with a skeleton mask, the symbol of death, a horse’s skull and the code of conduct. It is all worked in black, white, red and to contrast hope and darkness.
  • Mortal Strike: this skin is already made to be used in male avatars. Here we see the shades of red that represent blood and fire, as well as the code of conduct, horse skull and the symbol of war. Finally, it is worth mentioning the Wheel of War that supplies its energy.

Both skins can be purchased for 600 diamonds , which costs approximately 20 reais, when purchasing the Elite Pass.

This update has been available since June 1st. In addition to the skins , you will also find accessories and equipment for the characters!


Throughout this article, we saw how to get the new Free Fire skins for free through tips that are also for those of the older Elite Passes.

Thus, the tip is to enter the game every day to increase your chances. As well as, carry out daily and veteran missions.

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