How to Get Free Characters in Free Fire

How to Get Free Characters in Free Fire

The game of free fire is one of the most recognized game in today’s time. One can easily term this game as one of the most popular royale battle games present online. The game of free fire has quite a unique as well as big character. The pet system in this game makes it quite different from other battle royale game. The concept of characters in free fire is also something amazing and that is the reason players mostly want to know more about this game. In the game generally, a player can unlock a character only when he or she completes a task. But apart from this the other alternative method is to buy the characters using the in-game currency which is purchased using real cash. This is one of the reasons players have a lot of queries related to this very topic and therefore today in this article we going to discuss the methods one can use to get free characters in a free fire game. Normal players cannot afford to spend this much amount on gaming.

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As its quite obvious that characters are few ways of processing in any game and that is the common reason that owning a character is one of the most important things in the free fire game. All these characters have the potential to help a player within the game as they possess unique abilities. Thus, it would not be termed as any surprise that players are searching for an alternative to enjoy this amazing feature for free. The search related to this very topic on how one can get free characters in free fire has increased over few months the reason is quite simple as now there are a huge number of players who have started playing this game. Well, when we talking about characters then this game comprises around 34 different characters each with his or her own set of abilities different from one another. There are several benefits any player can get by choosing to play with amazing characters in combat. One more amazing thing to remember here is that each player has more than one character which means they can combine the skills of different players to make their customized player which can be a completely different strategy within a game. So actually, several ways can be used to achieve these free fire characters in free. Let’s see each of these methods in brief.

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Method 1: Top up event

This is one of the best methods that can provide you with free characters. As many of you would already be aware a top-up event is a kind of event that mostly allows the players to get a new character launched within the game. Apart from that old character options are always available. An event is a rewarding event in which players can buy a certain number of diamonds within the game and use that as per their choice. The method used here is quite simple as the player has to just do a top of 100 diamond and then start participating and soon you would have enough rewards with you.

Method 2: Google opinion rewards

This is one of the popular opinions that many known, as well as new players, make use of. Through this method, players can get the in-game currency of the particular game just by participating in surveys. The surveys can be on a different topic that is required to answer and submitted to earn the reward which can further be used to buy to buy characters in the game. There is an application used for this method in which the user has to make an account and provide other basic information. As per many known players, this method is quite impressive to use. 

Method 3: Use of GPT websites

This method is not usual but the advantages are huge. The Get paid websites have become quite famous among the players nowadays. Many sites provide this opportunity.

The websites provide google play gift cards for completing various simple task such as answering surveys, quizzes, downloading apps and many others task as well. Some of the most popular GPT websites are Swagbucks, ysense, and prize rebel. All these websites are highly in use. The choice of these GPT websites is completed based on the decision taken by players. This method can be termed as a slow method to achieve rewards but it’s completely legit as well as legal. 

Ways to consider:

  1. Get rewarded by logging in to the game on daily basis
  2. The Use of redeem codes are also quite popular to be used
  3. Participate in various events conducted from time to time
  4. Kindly look for opportunity in giveaways conducted by streamers as well YouTubers       

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All the methods shared above is verified by many known players. I hope the information helps my readers.       


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