How to fix PUBG Voice Chat not Working?

PUBG game is quite popular worldwide and there are billions of active users linked with this very game. In the past few years, the game has been experiencing some minor issues related to some insides one such issue faced by a lot of players recently is PUBG voice chat not working. Due to this issue, the players are not able to hear other players talking while the game is ongoing. This is one of the serious things that can ruin the gameplay of some players who prefer playing the duo or squad mode within the PUBG game. As we know how much important is communication during a PUBG match. However, this communication issue can only occur for a short duration of time but still can cause huge damage within the match. In some cases, this issue has even been noticed to last a bit longer like two to five days or even 10 days in a row and all this is not quite user friendly in the case of famous games like PUBG. Now as this problem was getting encountered by a lot of active users or players this thing changed into a huge concern. This thing is mainly because PUBG is an internet-based game and so in here functional microphones is highly in need. Various methods have been listed on the web that players can try to overcome this annoying problem of PUBG voice chat not working. In this article, we are going to discuss the same topic that how a player can fix PUBG voice chat not working just by following some simple ways. So, if you someone who is been looking forward to the ways then kindly read forward. The ways listed down in this very article is been used by a lot of known players. According to the reviews given, this may work in most cases. So, let’s move further without wasting any more time.

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The voice chats not working in PUBG game either on duo or squad mode can be quite frustrating from time to time. There is no need to try them all however if one does not work you can simply move to the other one without having any type of second doubt. As the problem can be due to some incorrect settings for your microphone or maybe a hardware faulty issue. There may be times where the problem is caused due to troubleshooting errors. The ways this thing can be solved is written down:

Method 1: Installing the latest patch

Many technical problems can be simply solved just by restarting. The process of restarting your PC is not that hard in the first place so you can try doing that first. Many times, this is quite enough to solve the problem. Apart from that the game developers always keep releasing patches to improve the game and fix the related issues. Also, the player should always check for the updates of the game in various streams or on official websites. After this, they must install the patch and keep it up to date. This thing can fix various issues like the voice chat not working.

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Method 2: Make sure your mic is switched on while playing PUBG

This thing is mainly for windows 10 users to cross-check their settings. If you find that the voice chat is not working then the first thing that you are supposed to do is to check if the permission of turning on the microphone is given or not. Follow the step to do so:

  1. On your keyboard kindly press the windows key and I at the same time.
  2. After this click privacy in the settings
  3. You are required to click the microphone on the left pane and make sure the microphone access for this device and the status shown is ON.
  4. Log in to the PUBG and recheck the voice chat working or not.

Method 3: Configure the audio settings in your device

If the PUBG voice chat does not work on your device then probably you should check as well set your microphone as the default device in your respective device. Kindly follow the steps to do so:

  1. Firstly, right-click on your volume icon present at the button right corner of your desktop and then kindly select sounds
  2. After this click on the playback tab and make sure that you set up your microphone to the default device
  3. Then click on the Recording tab and make sure your microphone is at the default device
  4. Then after this right-click on the microphone device and kindly select the properties
  5. In the pop-up pane click on advanced settings
  6. Make sure that you uncheck the box placed next to allow the application to take exclusive control on your device and soon after this just click apply and ok
  7. Save your setting after this
  8. Restart the device once and check if it works or not.

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Method 4: Try updating the sound driver

If your device is missing or having an outdated audio card then this may be the cause behind your voice chat within the PUBG game not working. Kindly make sure to keep it up to date. There are two ways through which this can be done.

  1. Manually: For this, you need to visit the sound card driver manufacturer’s official website and then in their search for the latest update and install it
  2. Automatically: This thing can be done using Driver easily. As it will recognize your system and find the best drivers and then ask your permission to download and install it as soon as possible.


I hope the solution given above will be of great help to all my readers.

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