How to Fix Mic Glitch in PUBG Mobile

Like a few days back PUBG mobile got banned in India we were surely bad news for all the gamers who reside here. From that time there are lots of players who have been facing errors and issues regarding the mic glitch, server issues in reconnecting, high ping, network issues and much more than that. There is the old server of the PUBG which is getting transferred on all new servers for the introduction of PUBG Mobile India. There are plenty of errors been reported from the past few months about all these problems encountered over time. One of such issue been highlighted is about the mic glitch faced by most of the players while playing the PUBG Mobile. There is not only the glitch issue encounter with the mic but there are even many more such as poor-quality audios, the starting issue of the mic and much more. Most of the issues are encountered by the Jio network user. The problem has been seen from past one-year mostly.

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How to fix Mic Glitch in the PUBG mobile game:

There are many ways present on the internet that can be used to solve this problem. The player should try implementing each method and then check which is the best method able to solve their problem. In this article, I am going to list a few of them by explaining them step by step. These methods are quick so there is not any requirement of waiting to do in the first place.

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#1. The usage of virtual network app:

This is one of the best ways that can be used to fix the glitch problem in the mic. It’s done using a VPN. As we know the PUBG game is banned in India so there are definite chances that the issue is from the server’s end. The use of VPN can be a good decision as with this the players can hide their original IP and the in place of that using their virtual network. There are some VPN which are best in the market such as NordVPN. This VPN will provide the player with a great fast virtual speed network. Apart from this one of the important facts is that there is no limit on the use of VPN so the players can use it for a long duration of time. Some of the VPN in the market is not free but it’s worth it as provides great support.

#2. Minimize the Mobile PUBG for some time:

The game of PUBG in mobile can be minimized for some time this will surely help the mic to work properly. Many players have found this way of working. For this, you must disable your mic and send the invitation to friends meanwhile they accept the mic could have recovered somewhat. The minimizing time should be at least 15-20 seconds. After reopening the app again, I hope this trick works.

#3. Usage of the DNS changer app:

This trick is quite famous among the players as it works on almost all service providers like Jio, Airtel etc. This may help you to fix the mic error in the first place. Just download its application from the below link and you are ready to use is within absolutely no time. Link: DNS Changer | Mobile Data & WiFi | IPv4 & IPv6 – Apps on Google Play. One of the things that must be remembered while using this app is to change nothing when you open it as it can cause some problems. You should just tap on the start button the application will be enabled by its own by changing your original DNS and replacing it with something else from anywhere in the globe.

#4. Provide leadership to your friends:

This is a quick method that may solve the problem in a small duration of time. In this method, the lobby leadership can be provided to any of your friends and after that enable your mic to communicate with your friend. There is no guarantee on this method because some player says this to be a very nice trick while others said it to be not working exactly. Do try it and if works then it is good to go.

#5. Try to toggle the flight mode:

There are chances that there will be an internet issue which is creating the problem of glitch of your mic during the game. The game of PUBG Mobile is developed in such a manner that the mic automatically starts and then off also on its own. At this situation, flight mode can be toggled and then the mic can be checked again whether working or not. This is not any advance trick but it has worked for many players.

Apart from all the techniques mentioned above, there are few more techniques that the players can choose from. Such as check the microphone permission of the PUBG game, use the other options of the service provider, update the game level to the latest, lock and unlock in the lobby section and much more than this.

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