How to fix friend cannot connect to Minecraft Server

The server of Minecraft is quite a fiddly thing and due to that, certain problems can arise in between while players can collect it. Now one of the most common things encountered here is associated with the Minecraft server to establish a good connection. This problem has now is been noticed by a lot of players in recent times. Now the main question here which is been asked by a lot of players is about the reason why the players might not be able to connect to the Minecraft server, and thus it might be possible that luckily most of the issues associated can be resolved easily. This issue is mainly encountered when players are engaged in playing with their respective friends over the sever. Till now you must already get that this article is going to be about how can the problem associated with the Minecraft server connection can be fixed. Now let’s see a few of the possible methods through which the “cannot connect to friends Minecraft server” issue.

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Typo error made in IP Address:

This is one of the most common human errors encountered recently. This is true that many of us may find this trivial but in reality, this happens more often than we expect. For this issue to resolve players must ensure that they are trying correct to join the server whose IP address is associated or has been assigned. There are certain common mistakes encountered such as using the wrong domain name and extension. These are small but silly mistakes been made by a lot of new players joined with the game recently. For example, in place of if .com is used then an error will surely arrive and as a result, the player would not be able to join the server. Kindly avoid such silly mistakes and always do recheck what is been written to avoid simple mistakes such as the typo error in IP address.

Authentication servers down for the cause of maintenance:

Now next we are going to talk about the other common issue been encountered while the player trying to connect with the Minecraft server. This issue is quite infamous stated as “The authentication servers are currently down for maintenance purposes”. Well, something is misleading about this message and in few cases, this means that a cracked client is been trying to join the server that is not allowed as the server prevents the cracked players from joining. Now the player can resolve this issue easily by buying the Minecraft that too officially from the Mojang and then try rejoining the server through the official account recently created by authorized linking. One more thing to know here is that using an official Minecraft account also arrive with a plethora of many advantages handy such as changing skins. Also, the game is great and the developers always try to provide the best to its players.

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 The Minecraft server must be truly down:

This is quite oblivious to be recognized as sometimes it’s not the end of the player responsible for the error of not being able to join the server. In such cases, the server through which the player is been attempting to join the server must be officially down and that is known as offline. This theory can be verified by asking the fellow players of the same server or by checking the server forums even the discord established for communication.

The firewall issue:

Many of you must not aware of the term firewalls for them it is defined as simple network rules that are mostly used to determine which network connections are allowed and the few ones which are denied. This problem is mainly associated which the problem faced during setup when it is not been set up correctly by the user’s end or even at the server side in few times. Players must ensure that there is no firewall present to block their potential connection from the server and then trying to join again and most probably this time the connection will be established nicely without causing any issue such as this one.

Incorrect version or the client:

This is also one of the reasons behind the issue of not connecting to the server easily. This is even the biggest reason according to many known players linked to this game for a time now. As through this, the player is not able to join the specific Minecraft sever due to the client mismatch. This problem is even encountered in the form of a version mismatch when the players are trying to connect to the very server with some older or not in support version. One common error message that is mostly seen is “Outdated Version”. So, if such a message is been seen then the player must try to downgrade their client to the particular version that the very server is trying to join or support.

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